Dota 2 - CIS organizations on the move

The new year is finally here. Before the new Dota 2 DPC season starts, we need to go through the reshuffle period.

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4th Jan, 21·☕️ 4 min read

This is the period when teams and players are looking for their perfect fits, when they create lineups that will fight in the new DPC season; the season that will end up with The International, biggest esports tournament in the Dota 2 world. CIS organizations are one of the most active ones in this transition period, and it’s surely interesting to see what moves they are going to make.

HellRaisers welcome Resolution

Ukranian player Resolution was always one of those top caliber players that can’t find it’s proper home. In his Dota 2 career he has been in 16 teams, on a permanent or temporary basis. That didn’t do anything good for him, as he tried his luck in European, CIS and North American scenes. He didn’t stay long in any of those regions in teams. He played for 2x The International champions OG, where he didn’t achieve anything significant and he was replaced after just 7 months in the team. His last squad was VirtusPro where he had the most success. Their biggest achievement with him in the team was 1st place in the ESL One Los Angeles 2020 - Online: Europe & CIS where they took home $60,000. He was always one of the biggest talents in the CIS region, but harly anywhere he achieved a big success he deserved. He is still looking for his place in the spotlight. Can his new squad HellRaisers be that team? On EU/CIS level yes, it can be, but on the international level I highly doubt it.

OG reso

Cooman joins HellRaisers

HellRaisers are surely one of the most active organizations in this off season regarding transfers and building their squad for the upcoming DPC season. Zaur “Cooman” Shakhmurzaev is a Russian professional Dota 2 player. With him just being 22 years old, he is really up and coming talent from the CIS region. He never played for a team outside of the CIS, and he will continue to do so with his next organization. With Hellraisers recruiting and signing Resolution and Cooman, they are turning to be a really well rounded squad for the upcoming season. We will see how that will work out pretty soon. His top performance and achievements are 3rd place at Parimatch League Season 2 with VirtusPro and 2nd place in OMEGA League: Europe Divine Division with CyberLegacy. I think he is a player that can really shine in a good environment and be surrounded with the right teammates. An interesting fact about him is that he played for all the biggest CIS organizations except Natus Vincere until now.


Surprising lineup for B8

The biggest surprise for now comes out from the boss itself, Dendi. His Dota 2 organization decided to shake the EU scene. B8 has picked up a new roster that is now a mix of players from SA, CIS, and Germany. RdO, Sexyfat and Duster decided to join Dendi’s new project. They are coming from Brazil and they’ve played for the Brazilian squad Midas Club. German player 5up is the final player to be listed on the squads list. As being an only true European player on the squad, 5up is really gonna have a difficult time. 3 Brazilians 1 Ukranian and 1 guy from Germany. With 2 coaches alongside, one from Brazil and another one from Russia, this is surely the weirdest mix of players that we are gonna see in the new season. Let me remind you that B8 was one of the worst Dota 2 teams in the world in the last year, as changing 7 players in the last year and holding the biggest loss streak record on the professional scene surely didn’t do them any good. I don’t think they can do anything significant this season too, as this mix of players and nationalities in one squad can potentially be very deadly. I don’t predict a good season and future for this squad, but for Dendi’s fans, hopefully I’m wrong.

b8 dendi

dream replacing iLTW

An organization that was established just a few months ago is already doing some lineup adjustments. Live to Win didn’t survive this roster shuffle either. Their position 1 player iLTW is returning to VirtusPro as inactive player (still under contract), while dream from Gambit will take his place as new carry of Live to Win. With this change they are ready for the new season, and with SoNNeikO on their helm, they are surely looking to shock CIS scene and new Dota Pro Circuit CIS tournament.


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