Dota 2 CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2 - Review

The CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 2 is finally over. After almost 10 days of an intense schedule and over 25 matches played, the champions have been crowned.

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30th Nov, 20·☕️ 3 min read

PSG.LGD are champions of Season 2 of the tournament, which marks their 2nd tournament win in less than 3 months.

CDA-FDC Professional Championship Season 1

Let us remind you. Season 1 of the same tournament was won by PSG.LGD too, which marks them as undisputed rulers of this league. In season 1 PSG.LGD won the title with a close 3-2 win vs Elephant. With that win they’ve won almost $30,000 and it was their first tournament win with a new Dota 2 roster.

Season 2

Season 2 was being played from November 15th to November 25th and it featured a $91,000 prize pool. With the top 10 Chinese participating, competition was insanely high.

PSG.LGD started their tournament run as one of the favourites, and they’ve managed to show that from the early start. Their group A play was not impeccable, but with 3 wins and 1 loss they’ve managed to get through to the next round as top 2 seed for the playoffs. They’ve beaten Invictus Gaming, IG.Vitality and SAG, but they’ve lost to another contender Team Aster.

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It turned out that that was their only loss in the whole tournament. In the playoffs they’ve beat Vici Gaming 2-1, their group stage nemesis Team Aster with 2-1 (in winners bracket finals) and they’ve crushed EHOME with 3-0 in the grand finals of the event itself.

When we look everything together, they’ve lost only 5 maps in the whole tournament which is pretty amazing. When Chinese competition is so high, sometimes we have a feeling that top teams can beat each other at any time.

For their championship win, PSG.LGD took home $30,364. Runners-up EHOME earned $22,773.

Final Rankings

  • 1st place: PSG.LGD - $30,364
  • 2nd place: EHOME - $22,773
  • 3rd place: Team Aster - $15,182
  • 4th place: Invictus Gaming - $9,109
  • 5th-6th place: Vici Gaming - $4,555
  • 5th-6th place: Elephant - $4,555
  • 7th-8th place: Sparking Arrow Gaming - $1,139
  • 7th-8th place: Royal Never Give Up - $1,139
  • 9-10th place: Invictus Gaming.Vitality - $1,139
  • 9-10th place: Aster.Aries - $1,139


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