Dota 2 (BTS Pro Series) Daily Betting Tips - September 17th

Day 5 of the BTS Pro Series was exciting with some unexpected results. On day 6 we will watch 5men in two series, one after another. On the other side mudgolems will try to break into the top 2. That would be an amazing result for them. Please note that all matches are BO2, and they are very risky to bet. Go only for handicaps here, and not maps. Let’s see and analyze BTS Pro Series EU/CIS day 6 matches.

rand 1919
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17th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

BTS Pro Series: Unique vs Empire

Empire +1.5 @ 1.40

Both teams are doing terrible in this league as both teams are knocked down to the bottom of the rankings. Unique had managed to beat B8 with 2-0, and that’s their only win. On the other side, Empire still doesn’t know what is a win in this league. Two ties and 3 losses brought them to the 8th position in the rankings, just below Unique. Unique really didn’t show anything in yesterday’s match vs NiP. Another 0-2 loss and now they are facing a team of their caliber. Unique are favourites in this match, but as both teams are knocked down, I expect that Empire will take a map at least. This is a very risky match to bet on.

BTS Pro Series: vs mudgolems -1.5 @ 1.94

Mudgolems are the biggest surprise of this tournament. Random European Dota 2 stack managed to shock all tournament participants. They are the real underdogs, shocking teams left and right. Even if are the strongest team in this competition, mudgolems showed amazing plays. With clean 2-0 wins vs NiP and 5men they showed us they are really strong vs European teams. On the other side they had two ties vs CIS squads which are much weaker then NiP/5men. Looking for the handicaps odds here, I’m picking higher odds. I think that there is a 50-50 chance here for either handicap to hit here. -1.5 on has higher odds and they can surely do it, but if mudgolems continue to perform like in previous matches, they can hit that +1.5 handicap and sweet 1.77 odds.

BTS Pro Series: 5men vs Khan

5men -1.5 @ 2.01

5men are so good on paper, but so unstable in their performance. I think sometimes they are capable of beating stronger EU teams, and other days they are capable of losing against tier 3 EU squads. Khan is not a squad that they should be afraid of. Even though Khan played 1-1 vs NiP and 1-1 vs mudgolems, I do think 5men really do have a strength in their lineup to take on Khan and achieve easy victory. Their performance was not on the point for now in this tournament, but those odds are worth the gamble.

BTS Pro Series: 5men vs HellRaisers

HellRaisers +1.5 @ 1.43

I really love HellRaisers, so much potential in those guys. They didn’t disappoint for now however. With 2 wins and 2 draws they are currently holding 3rd place in the rankings. They’ve managed to take a map off and mudgolems, which is why I’m giving them a chance here vs 5men. As I said, 5men are a really stacked squad with great names, but with very disappointing performance sometimes. HellRaisers are stacked with decent players that are playing together for a much longer period, and with carry players like DyrachYO they can surely do it. I think this is a great bet with decent odds.


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