Picklebet Daily Fantasy Esports Use Case

Understsand what daily fantasy is and how it works in esports.

Damon Oudejans
Picklebet Co-Founder
3rd Oct, 17·☕️ 3 min read

Daily Fantasy is still in its early days and although it is quite popular with traditional sports, it’s a relatively new concept in the esports world.

So, to shed some light on how it all works, here is a scenario, for Daily Fantasy Esports:

Preston, a 22 year old from Manhattan, New York, pays $10 USD to enter a contest on picklebet. The contest is made up of two upcoming matches in the CS:GO North America Pro League tournament. The Misfits are taking on the Renegades and SK Gaming are taking on Splyce.

The contest has 1000 total entry spots and the total prize pool is $5,000 USD). The prize pool is to be split amongst the top 100 placings.

Preston must create a fantasy team by selecting 5 players of his choosing, from the players available in the Misfits, Renegades, SK Gaming and Splyce teams. Preston has $100,000 to spend (a fictitious amount) to ‘purchase’ his players. Each player has a purchase price, the better the player, the higher the cost. Preston’s five player team, must come under the $100,000 salary cap budget.

Preston selects his team and submits his roster.

Then, the matches start. The players in the Misfits, Renegades, SK Gaming and Splyce score points based on their real time actions during the game. For example they get points for kills and assists, and get deducted points when they are killed, or if their team loses a round. These points translate to the fantasy teams that Preston and the other contest entrants have created.

Preston can watch all the action unfold in real time via the live leaderboard. The points and data are updated in real time!

Once the matches finish, the player with the highest total score wins the top prize, whilst those in the top 100 will also walk away with some prize money!

In addition to CS:GO, Skrilla is in the process of integrating League of Legends and Dota2. Overwatch and PUBG will be integrated in the future.


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