LoL and Dota2 Daily Betting Tips - January 14th

Day 1 of LPL Spring 2020 has brought us a first big surprise and the Bukovel Minor is over but high level Dota games are still being played.

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14th Jan, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

LPL split favourites Funplus Phoenix have already lost thei first match. A little bit unexpectedly, but that’s the magic of the early season. Let’s try to analyse matches for day 2.

LPL Spring 2020: eStar Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

Rogue Warriors @ 1.39

This is the first season of the new franchised LPL league and eStar is the new team in the LPL league. New organization, new lineup, and new squad. We must really take this match with extreme caution and for now, I can just judge that team and its potential to win only based off the player quality. We still haven’t seen them in action and it will be very interesting to watch their first clash. eStar has a pretty unknown group of players in their lineup, led by ShiauC in support, an ex Flash Wolves player. On the other side Rogue Warriors are part of the LPL from 2018. They finished LPL Summer 2019 at a disappointing 13th place. They brought up 6 new players to their 2020 lineup, and it will be interesting to see who will make it to their main lineup for the first matches in the LPL. From this standpoint, we have no other solution then to pick Rogue Warriors as the big favourites to win this best of 3 match against the newcomers.

LPL Spring 2020: Oh My God vs JD Gaming

JD Gaming @ 1.24

JD Gaming did barely any lineup changes going into new LPL season. Their ADC imp retired, and they brought korean player LokeN from Top Esports. Their LPL Summer 2019 season was pretty bad as they finished in 10th place in the split. On the other side, OMG will once again try to survive tough competition. Last year was kind of a disaster for them, as they have been one of the weakest teams in both LPL splits. LPL Spring 2019 14th place, and LPL Summer 2019 16th place. I don’t see them doing anything significant this season either. In this best of 3 series, JD Gaming is a safe bet, but for that reason, odds are lower too. Our prediction is that JD Gaming will win this match.

Bukovel Minor is over. While we wait for Dreamleague Season 13 Leipzig Major, here is analysis of 2 interesting OMG Cup matches for Tuesday.

OMG Cup: vs Khan

Khan @ 2.90

OMG Cup group stage has just begun. has won against Nemiga in best of 1 opening match, while Khan has won against jfshfh178 in the same style.’s new lineup has pretty unknown European players and it shocked me how they could beat Nemiga in opening round, but luckily for them, that was a best of 1 series. This time, they are playing a BO3 vs Khan which has some decent tier 3 players, ex Vega and Gambit. Even though the odds are not showing that, I do really think Khan has a chance to take this best of 3 series. Odds on Khan are amazing and worth trying for.

OMG Cup: Nemiga Gaming vs jfshfh178

Jfshfh178 @ 2.25

Another pretty interesting match in Group A is Nemiga vs jfshfh178. Both teams lost in the BO1 opening round of Group A, and now they are facing elimination. Sadly, the loser of this BO3 series is going home. Jfshfh178 just added russian player Chappie to the mix, who played for Team Empire in the past. Nemiga didn’t impress me, and when I analyse teams and their lineups, jfshfh178 has a better lineup and potential. Again odds for that team are over 2.00 which is amazing. Let’s keep in mind, this is BO3 series. Another good bet would be jfshfh178 +1.5, but a little bit safer with smaller return.


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