cs_summit 6 Europe Review

BIG are the champions of cs_summit 6 Europe after taking down Vitality in the finals.

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8th Jul, 20·☕️ 7 min read

BIG are the champions of cs_summit 6 Europe after taking down Vitality in the finals. In this article we will be breaking down their road to the finals, choose our MVP, and select the best bet of the tournament.

Tournament Winner: BIG

Record: 15 / 0 / 6
Most Played Map: Dust2 (83.3%)
Best Map: Nuke (100%)
Worst Map: Inferno (0.0%)

BIG, who took down DreamHack Masters in June, were clearly eager to add another trophy to their cabinet as they mauled through the competition to take down cs_summit 6. Let’s take a look at how they made it happen.

Qualifier & Group Stage

BIG were one of the teams that had to qualify for this event through the closed qualifier, where they secured their spot after wins against HAVU and Complexity. The group draw was favorable for the German side, as they were drawn into a group consisting of FaZe, Heretics and OG. BIG had no issues dealing with FaZe at DreamHack Masters, and history would repeat itself as they swept FaZe twice in groups to secure their spot in the playoffs.

Group Stage MVP: syrsoN

syrsoN was a complete no-show for BIG in their group stage loss to OG, but he really delivered in both matches against FaZe, posting a team-leading 0.79 kills/round and 84.8 damage/round across both matches, which was good for a 1.33 rating. syrsoN has really established himself as one of the world’s elite AWPers in recent times, and without his performances against FaZe in the group stage, BIG may not have made it through.

The Playoffs

BIG’s first opponent in the playoffs was GODSENT, a team that had won their group after taking down two big names in the form of G2 and mousesports. However, BIG proved to be the far better side, sweeping GODSENT after wins on Dust2 and Overpass. In fact, GODSENT did not manage to reach double digits on either of the two maps. In this particular match, it was interestingly tiziaN and tabseN who showed up for the German side, with tabseN dropping 31 frags in regulation on Overpass.

With GODSENT out of the way, BIG were set to square off against fnatic in the upper-bracket semi-final. Despite the best efforts of Brollan who dropped a staggering 38 frags in regulation on Overpass, BIG would add yet another clean sweep to their record as they stole away Overpass and later went on to beat fnatic on Nuke to secure their spot in the upper-bracket final. It was XANTARES who excelled for BIG in this match, dropping a 30 bomb on Nuke to clinch the win for the German side.

The French team Vitality awaited in the upper-bracket final, a team that has looked increasingly scary after shox has started rolling back the years and delivering some much-needed additional firepower to support ZywOo. This duo would prove to be too much for BIG to handle this time around, as they fell in a three-map series after losses on Inferno and Dust2.

The loss to Vitality set-up a lower-bracket re-match against OG, who had defeated BIG in the group stage. The maps were the exact same as in the group stage, with BIG opting for Dust2 and OG picking Inferno. OG were once again able to make things troublesome for BIG, winning Inferno to force a decider. But this time it was BIG who came out on top after a dominant showing on Mirage. This was a great overall team performance from BIG, with every player on the roster posting kill totals in the 40s across all three maps.

Featured Match: BIG vs. Vitality (Grand Final)

The Final

The win against OG meant that BIG would get a chance at revenge against Vitality. However, they would need to overcome a one-map deficit after coming through the lower-bracket, a task which has proven to be very difficult for teams to overcome in the past. In this type of situation, the first map is incredibly crucial, and BIG got off on the right foot by winning Mirage. This was much due to the play of k1to and tiziaN who - in many ways - are two unsung heroes for this BIG side. Vitality would answer back with a win of their own on Inferno, despite the best efforts of XANTARES who posted 31 frags in regulation. The two remaining maps were Dust2 and Overpass. Vitality defeated BIG on Dust2 in the group stage, but this has traditionally been a strong map for BIG and German teams in particular, and they showed why in this match, defeating Vitality 16–10. BIG’s win on Dust2 meant that we would go to Overpass and play for all the marbles. This is a map that BIG does not play frequently, but they showed in wins against fnatic and GODSENT that they are more than capable on this map. The match was as close as it could get at half-time, with BIG in the lead by 8–7. However, once the sides were switched, BIG went on an absolute tear on their T-side, taking seven straight rounds to get to 14. This proved to be way too big of a lead for Vitality to come back from, and BIG were eventually able to close out the series 16–10 to secure their second trophy of the year.

Featured Player: XANTARES (BIG)

Team: BIG
K/D Ratio: 1.19
Headshot Percentage: 53.8%
Assists / Round: 0.13

XANTARES is an elite talent, and few can compete with the Turk when it comes to raw aiming ability. However, at times, BIG have struggled to get the most out of his talent since joining from Space Soldiers back in December of 2018. In the last couple of months though, he has really stepped up his game and delivered a consistency that we rarely saw from him in the past. At this event, XATARES led all players on BIG in several of the statistical categories, including Rating (1.14), ADR (81.4), K/D ratio (1.19) and Kills/round (0.74).

XANTARES was one of the key players for BIG in the win against Vitality. The Turk has always been one of the most exciting players to watch, as shown in this highlight on Overpass.

Best Bet

There were a decent amount of upsets in the tournament, the biggest of which was North’s 2–0 sweep against NiP. Very few people believed that North would be able to take down the Ninjas without Kjaerbye, but those who did were able to cash-in big time as a North win, at one point, paid out at odds of around 4.30.


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