CS_Summit 4 Preview

Beyond The Summit are set to organize their fourth edition of cs_summit — a tournament that takes place in a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles

Valentin Gustafsson
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15th May, 2019·☕️ 6 min read

It’s time for something more casual as Beyond The Summit are set to organize their fourth edition of cs_summit — a tournament that takes place in a house in the suburbs of Los Angeles where players can join in on the commentary at just about any time. Read on as we break down all you need to know about the tournament.

Competition Information

cs_summit is organized by Beyond The Summit and is unique in the sense that it has more of a casual feel to it. The entirety of the event is broadcasted from the Summit House in the suburbs of Los Angeles. All of the commentating is done on a sofa in the kitchen where players can join in at any time for an interview or some guest commentary. In addition, the summit production team often creates plenty of content around the players and commentators such as comedy skits and parodies.

For this year’s edition of cs_summit, there will be six teams in the competition as opposed to eight which is what we have seen in the past. As a result, the format has been revamped as well. There will be a double round-robin group stage where all teams play each other twice. This will not be a best-of-two group stage, instead, each map is treated as a separate match. The top four teams in the standings will advance to the playoffs, which will be a best-of-three single elimination bracket.

Previous winners of the event include SK (MIBR), Liquid and NRG. The latter two have been invited again for this year’s edition.

The tournament kicks off May 23. The winner will be crowned on May 26 and will be taking home $63,750 from the $150,000 prize pool.

The Current Season

Note: All of the statistics shown are LAN only with the current rosters.

NRG lan

Last year’s winner, NRG, have recently made some changes to their roster. After an early exit in the legend’s stage of the Katowice Major, NRG opted to remove long-time member FugLy. Instead, they chose to pick up former Cloud 9 and MIBR player, tarik. Since the addition of tarik, NRG have made the semi-finals at both IEM Sydney and StarSeries i-League Season 7. Two solid results considering the fierce competition and the tough format of these two tournaments.

ENCE lan

ENCE are fresh off a tournament win at Blast Pro Series Madrid where they took down Astralis 2–0 in the final, ending Astralis’ record of 31 straight LAN wins on Nuke in the process. In total, ENCE beat Astralis across three different maps as they beat Astralis on Dust 2 in the round-robin stage in addition to the wins on Nuke and Train in the final. Not too shabby to say the least!

Team Liquid LAN

Team Liquid will be going into cs_summit with full confidence after winning IEM Sydney earlier this month. The North American side bested MIBR, NiP and BIG in BO3s on their way to the final where they took down fnatic in a thrilling five map series. Team Liquid won this event back in 2018 and they will likely be the odds on favorite this time around.

Vitality lan

Team Vitality was most recently seen at Charleroi Esports, a tournament that they won in comfortable fashion after taking out their main rival G2 on the road to the final where they dismantled Sprout 2–0. You can expect big performances from Vitality’s super talent ZywOo as per usual. However, Vitality will be going up against far stronger competition this time around and they will likely need players like apEX and NBK- to step-up alongside him if they are to have any chance of success in the tournament.

Renegades lan

Renegades were on a good run of form with solid results at the IEM Katowice major as well as StarSeries i-League Season 7 earlier in the year. However, the pressure on home turf proved to be too much for the Renegades at IEM Sydney as they were unable to make the playoffs after losing to NiP and mousesports in the group stage. ‘The Boys’ will hope to bounce back with a good performance in a more relaxed environment as they make their first ever appearance at a cs_summit event.

Ghost lan

The big underdog for this competition will be Ghost. The team features many familiar names to fans of North American CS such as steel and freakazoid. However, their main strength lies in the duo of WARDELL and koosta. Together they form a formidable double AWP set-up and they are definitely capable of causing some damage to better teams. It is worth noting that steel and his team will have less than a week of preparation after coming back from DreamHack Open Tours in France which certainly doesn’t help their chances.

Betting Tips

Both Team Liquid and ENCE are coming in hot and are deserved favorites. Personally, I favor Team Liquid by the slightest of margins. I can’t help but think that NRG are slightly undervalued in the betting market as the defending champion. They are currently sitting at longer odds than Vitality, a team that they beat 2–0 at StarSeries earlier in the year.

One thing to keep in mind is that four of the six teams are based in North America so these teams know each other well. Domestic matchups tend to be close affairs so there is a real chance for underdogs to cover the spread in these matches.

The competition will likely be too challenging for Ghost to really make it far so there isn’t much value in the outright despite the big number. However, they do have some upset potential in individual matches and I wouldn’t put it past them to steal some maps or play close against stronger opposition. Their record against teams like NRG and Renegades is favorable, however, a large portion of these matches have been played online and they have been very close.


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