CS:GO (Malta Vibes Cup Semi-Finals) Daily Betting Tips - August 24th

The semi-finals are about to go down in Malta Vibes Cup! We give you some tips for today's action.

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24th Aug, 20·☕️ 2 min read

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 8: Espada vs. Apeks

Espada (1.58)

Espada are set to face off against Apeks in this semi-final matchup. The last time these two sides met was in the quarter-final of the seventh edition of Malta Vibes, where Espada came out on top after a three-game series. At first glance, the odds appear long enough to consider Apeks in this spot, but when you break down the map veto it is easy to see why Espada are the favorites. Apeks will likely pick Nuke, while Espada have the option of either picking Mirage or Dust2. However, I would expect them to pick Mirage just like last time, leaving Dust2 and Overpass as potential decider maps. These are two excellent maps for Espada, making them the favorite to take this series if it goes to three. Apeks will definitely have a fighter’s chance on Nuke, so taking Apeks as the 1st map winner or on the Map Handicap is viable, but I would personally lean towards taking Espada on the money line.

Eden Arena Malta Vibes Cup 8: Spirit vs. K23

Spirit 2nd Map (1.48)

In the other semi-final matchup, Spirit will take on K23. Both of these teams tend to ban Vertigo, and this will likely favor Spirit in the veto as they are probably going to pick last. This will give them the option to remove Overpass, one of K23’s strongest maps in the pool. I would expect Spirit to pick Nuke, which is a clear weak point for K23, while Mirage will likely be the choice of K23. Dust2 is the most likely decider map in this series, and while K23 have defeated some notable names on this map (i.e forZe), this has always been a comfortable map for Spirit. There is some upset potential for K23 on Mirage, as they have looked very good on this map recently, winning seven straight games. However, Spirit are favorites here for a reason and I like them to win their map choice, as this is where they have the most sizeable edge.