CS:GO (IEM New York) Daily Betting Tips - October 7th

fnatic suffered a crushing loss to Vitality and now have to fight their way through the lower-bracket. Will they get back on the board against G2? We break down tonight's action in today's betting tips.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
7th Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

IEM New York 2020: fnatic vs. G2

fnatic Map 1 (1.69)

fnatic came up just short against Vitality in a match that really could have gone either way, and now have to face off against a G2 side that lost to Complexity with a stand-in. fnatic have added Vertigo to their map pool, something which could come into play in this matchup. The Swedes have struggled big-time against strong Nuke and Dust2 teams, so having the option to ban one of these maps and float Vertigo should help them a lot moving forward. They did this against Vitality and actually managed to beat them on Vertigo. The question is if they have the balls to do it against G2, who are an even better Vertigo team. My guess is that they will choose to do so, banning Nuke and leaving G2 to pick between Dust2 and Vertigo. Dust2 has actually been a good map for fnatic against G2, having beaten them on Dust2 in both meetings so far this year. I would expect fnatic to pick either Train or Inferno, both of which are quite poor maps for G2 at the moment. They have lost their last four games on Inferno and their last three on Train. fnatic will be in a good spot to take this series against a G2 side that looks suspect at the moment, and they are heavily favoured to win their map choice.

IEM New York 2020: BIG vs. Heroic

BIG +1.5 (1.33)

Heroic came up trumps against BIG at ESL Pro League earlier in the week, beating them both in the group stage and playoffs. However, they actually had a real tough time dealing with BIG at the start of the year, failing to win a map against them in three straight series. It is hard to predict exactly how the veto will play out in this one, but Heroic will likely be tempted to go back to Vertigo after having annihiliated BIG 16–2 on this map the last time around. BIG should probably opt for Overpass where they have had the most success against Heroic, or perhaps Mirage since Heroic have lost their last four on this map. I think it is hard to argue against Heroic being the stronger overall team at this point. However, I think BIG takes a map in this series more than 75% of the time, making handicap a viable play – especially if we see the odds drift north of 1.35.


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