CS:GO (IEM New York) Daily Betting Tips - October 14th

We break down three of today's matches in IEM New York CIS.

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14th Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

IEM New York: Nemiga vs. HellRaisers

Nemiga Map 2 (1.55)

Nemiga have beaten HellRaisers in the last two meetings without dropping a single map. Mirage has been a key map for Nemiga, having picked and won it on both BO3s against HellRaisers so far this year. HellRaisers have looked terrible on Mirage recently, having lost their last six games on this map. They have been so bad, in fact, that they might consider banning it here, but it would leave them vulnerable on a map like Overpass. While this isn’t a go-to map for Nemiga, they have won their last three on this map. No matter how you slice it, Nemiga will be big favourites on their map choice in this series. Nemiga should pick last here as the higher ranked team. This is not for certain, but since we are getting longer odds on the map lines over the money line I think it is worth takingt hat risk.

IEM New York: Spirit vs. Gambit

Spirit Map 2 (1.60)

Gambit Youngsters are definitely not to be understimated in this series against one of the top dogs in the region. They have definitely improved a lot over the past year and Hobbit was a nice pick-up for them. However, Spirit have been dominant in this matchup historically, winning all five of the BO3s that they have played so far this year. Mirage has been their go-to map for the most part in four of these series and they have only lost on it once.

IEM New York: vs. Espada ML (1.36)

Espada are actually a pretty solid team in the CIS region, but I definitely like the make-up of this current VP roster. buster is back in the main lineup and they have looked solid since he returned, winning eight out of their last ten games. The only opponent that they have lost to so far is Gambit Youngsters, a team stronger than Espada. I could see Espada doing some damage but will be in a good spot to take this over the course of three masp.