CS:GO (IEM New York) Daily Betting Tips - October 10th

We break down the IEM New York semi-finals in today's betting tips.

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10th Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

IEM New York: fnatic vs. OG

fnatic Map 1 (1.94)

fnatic and OG have played two times in the past, with OG getting the better of fnatic on both occasions. However, it is worth noting that the last time they played was in the Gamers Without Borders tournament which used an experimental MR12 format. Interestingly, these are both teams that used to ban Vertigo. With fnatic having recently introduced Vertigo into their map pool, they now have a lot more freedom in the map veto. OG will pretty much be forced to ban Vertigo every single time against fnatic moving forward, while fnatic will have more options. OG are among the world’s best Inferno teams, so they might even choose to ban it here despite being a strong Inferno team themselves. However, the safer play would be to ban Nuke or Dust2, both of which have been poor maps for them in general. OG’s map pick will largely depend on fnatic’s map choice, but I do like fnatic to take their map choice here. I would expect them to go for a map like Train, which has been a poor map for OG ever since this team was formed. 

IEM New York: Vitality vs. FaZe

FaZe Map 1 +2.5 (1.83)

FaZe are coming off a great win against BIG, beating the German side by a score of 2–0. They have actually looked pretty solid as of late, winning four out of their last five games, with most of those wins coming against pretty respectable opposition. They are now set to face off against Vitality, a team that has been incredibly tough for them to beat recently. In the last three meetings between these two teams, Vitality have come out on top and they have done so without dropping a single map. Before that, FaZe were actually on a three game win streak of their own, but they have since found it difficult to deal with ZywOo and his crew.

Nuke and Dust2 have been the most common map picks in this series, and this is a set of maps that suits both teams. If we see this combo once more, I actually think there is some value on FaZe at +1.5 as they are playing solid enough CS to potentially steal one of these maps against Vitality. However, Vitality actually decided to go for the Overpass pick the last time around, and if they do, they will be in a good spot to take this series over three. Dust2 is probably going to be FaZe’s best chance at the upset. They have beaten Vitality on Dust2 before and two out of their last three maps went the distance with all 30 rounds being played. I like FaZe at +1.5 the most, but it completely depends on how the veto plays out. If we see Vitality pick Overpass again, I would either go for Vitality on the money line or take FaZe on Map 1 at the longer number.