CS:GO (IEM) Daily Betting Tips - February 26th
CS:GO (IEM) Daily Betting Tips - February 26th

We take a look at some of today's prop bet action at IEM Katowice, including why dupreeh could have a good day for Astralis

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26th Feb, 21·☕️ 2 min read

jame vs dupreeh

Who Will Get More Kills? Dupreeh Vs Jame (Match)

Recommended Bet: dupreeh (2.00)

While I think that Jame has significant upside, I simply cannot ignore dupreeh in this spot. Astralis are coming in as the favourite which gives dupreeh a good chance of putting frags on the board. Additionally, it is quite likely that we see Dust2 at some point in this series which is an excellent map for dupreeh. In my opinion, it is his best map by a pretty decent margin. Over the past 12 months, dupreeh has equaled device with 0.75 kills/round on this map. If the odds were different, it would be a different story, but I think you have to take dupreeh here over Jame.