CS:GO (IEM) Daily Betting Tips - December 17th

We break down the odds for FURIA's match against Heroic in the IEM Global Challenge.

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17th Dec, 20·☕️ 2 min read

IEM Global Challenge: FURIA vs. Heroic

Heroic Map 2 (1.87)

1st Map - Total Kills By Yuurih Over 19.5 (1.83) 1st Map - Total Kills By HEN1 Over 17.5 (1.83)

This is an interesting match in the sense that both of these team tend to ban Dust2 at a very high frequency. Dust2 is FURIA’s perma-ban, and they have not played this map for years. Heroic does float it occasionally, but they have lost seven out of their last ten games on this map. This sort of scenario will definitely benefit the team that picks last, which I suspect will be Heroic. If FURIA pick first, they will have a hard choice to make. Personally, I think they won’t take the gamble by floating Dust2 in the veto, and this will benefit Heroic. This should give us either Mirage or Vertigo as the first map. These are both great maps for yuurih and HEN1, who tend to outperform KSCERATO and the rest of FURIA in terms of fragging on these two maps. HEN1 has particularly high upside on Mirage, while yuurih is likely the better prop bet on Vertigo.


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