CS:GO (FURIA vs. Liquid @ IEM New York) Prop Bet Promotion Tips

We break down the prop bet promotions for the semi-final clash between FURIA and Liquid in IEM New York.

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15th Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Picklebet are currently running two prop bet promotions for the semi-final clash between FURIA and Liquid. Let’s take a look.


Map 1 - HEN1 + KSCERATO To Combine For 40+ Kills (2.50) Yes.

The first prop bet is whether or not HEN1 and KSCERATO will combine for 40+ kills in the first map of the series. With this being an ESL event, Liquid are most likely to pick the first map of the series as they are the lower-ranked team. This is important to note, since it gives us an indicator of which map they are likely to pick.

Nuke and Vertigo have been the map picks in the last four series between these two teams and Liquid have picked Nuke in all of these games. While Vertigo isn’t the best map for KSCERATO, Nuke is one of his better maps in the pool, and he is tied with HEN1 for the highest kills/round on the team on this map this year (0.70).

In past games against Liquid on Nuke, KSCERATO and HEN1 have combined for 40 kills or more in three out of six games (50%) making this a decent bet at 2.50. That is, assuming that Liquid picks Nuke here.


Map 1 - GRIM + ELIGE To Combine For 40+ Kills (2.50) No.

On the Liquid side of things, we are given the combination of EliGE and Grim. EliGE has been the team’s top fragger on Nuke, which is their most probable map choice in this matchup, posting 0.79 kills/round since Grim joined the team. There have been very few blowouts on Nuke between these two sides, so EliGE will be in a good spot to get more than 20 kills on this map. Even if Liquid were to pick Mirage instead, EliGE would still have an excellent chance to put up numbers since this is one of his best maps in the pool.

The question is how Grim will fare. He has averaged 0.68 kills/round on Nuke since joining Liquid and there is definitely a chance that he is outfragged by Twistzz and/or NAF, who is a great Nuke player. While Liquid will theoretically have a higher chance of putting up frags on their map choice, I don’t like this prop bet as much for this reason.


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