CS:GO (Flashpoint) Daily Betting Tips - March 24th

Flashpoint 1 is the inaugural season of the new Counter-Strike organization-owned league. The season features 8 permanent members as well as 4 qualified teams competing over a $1,000,000 USD prize pool.

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24th Mar, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

All 3 groups are coming into their final stage where we will watch final matches. Those matches will determine the winners of the groups.

Flashpoint Season 1: MAD Lions vs HAVU Gaming

MAD Lions @ 1.58

This match will determine the Flashpoint group A winner. MAD Lions, HAVU, Copenhagen Flames and c0ntact were placed in this group. Who would have thought that the Lions and HAVU would end up in the grand finals? The match will be played in best of 3 format. Let me remind you that those 2 teams already faced each other in round 1 of group A, where HAVU took the win with a close 2-1 victory. After that they have beaten c0ntact with the same result, while MAD Lions needed to fight their way out of the lower bracket. And they did it. 2-1 vs Copenhagen Flames and 2-0 vs c0ntact are some good results. Even though MAD Lions lost to HAVU one time already, I don’t see it happening again. MAD Lions, even without Hunden are capable of taking HAVU down. 3 maps are possible too.

Flashpoint Season 1: Chaos vs MIBR

MIBR @ 1.48

MiBR are set to join the ESL Pro League 2020 campaign while maneuvering the inaugural season of Flashpoint. And that didn’t do any good for them so far. They haven’t had any bigger results in the last few months, as they are struggling with their play a lot. In Flashpoint Season 1 group B they needed to fight vs Chaos, Envy and Gen.G. Pretty competitive group. However, the first round was fatal for MIBR, as they lost to Chaos with a clean 2-0. In the lower bracket they surprisingly won against Envy and Gen.G with 2-0 scores. Now, they are facing Chaos again, as the group B grand finals are set to be played on Tuesday. Can they get their revenge? I do think so. They looked dominant in their last 2 matches, and on the paper Chaos is not the team that should make things harder for them. Hopefully, they won’t drop into the black hole again like they did the first time against Chaos. I expect 2 map series, and a MIBR win.


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