CS:GO (Flashpoint) Daily Betting Tips - March 18th

Betting on Flashpoint group B seems to be the fastest-growing trend today, which is why we want to address it with another iteration of our CS:GO betting predictions.

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18th Mar, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

Flashpoint 2020: Envy vs MIBR

Over 2.5 @ 1.95

Group B lower bracket round one features Envy going up against MIBR. A quick reminder – both teams suffered losses in the first upper bracket round. Envy did manage to take a map vs. Gen.G whereas MIBR displayed an absolutely bleak performance against Chaos. Which of them has what it takes to contend for more than 15 points on the scoreboard? At the very first glance, MIBR seems to be the superior side. On paper, at least. Even though meyern is still in the squad and he’s an outright liability, FalleN, fer and TACO ought to give Envy a run for their money.

Nifty and the company are still looking for a proper identity after going through a complete roster overhaul on January st. Nifty and ryann are the only remaining players from the old roster, with Calyx, MICHU, and moose being the new blood. LEGIJA got his hands on the coaching stick and will have to infuse this team with tactical prowess and desire to win. Even though picklebet is favouring MIBR with 1.56 odds, I wouldn’t put my money on TACO and the Brazilian boys, especially not after that awful performance against Chaos. Knowing the map pool depths of these two teams aren’t exactly the greatest, I’ll go with total maps over 2.5 for this one. I love these types of bets in BO3 scenarios, and this is the perfect example of a well-placed one. Let’s just hope we’ll have more like than last time out…

Flashpoint 2020: Gen.G vs Chaos

Gen.G @ 1.49

If you’d like to start betting on Flashpoint group B, then Gen.G vs. Chaos is the match you’re looking for. Gen.G vs. Chaos ought to be an interesting match, great for everyone even remotely interested in betting Flashpoint group B. Coming into this match, Gen.G will be looking for their tenth consecutive win. Yep, it’s a great start for what’s already being dubbed as Cloud9 2.0! Daps is using his experience to guide s0m, automatic, and koosta to even greater heights. BnTeT is still adapting to new surroundings, but he ought to start improving any day now.

Chaos, on the other hand, has made one thing clear right off the bat – they mean business. Smooya is on the server, steel is in fine form, and the rest of the team are following their tempo. If these guys start snowballing, and that awesome performance against MIBR is definitely a great way to start, we could see them reach far into the playoffs stage. As for concrete Gen.G vs. Chaos predictions, I believe I have a high-value bet you’ll absolutely love! Gen.G is the obvious favorite, no doubt about that… but their map pool is showing a lack of depth, which could cost them against Chaos. Don’t get me wrong; I’m not saying Chaos has a particularly strong map pool in the current lineup, I’m just saying they’ll definitely contest on both first and second maps. However, generally speaking Gen.G should take this.


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