CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - September 4th

BIG are set to face off against OG in what has been a very tight match historically. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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4th Sep, 20·☕️ 2 min read

ESL Pro League: ENCE vs. NaVi

NaVi (1.67)

NaVi and ENCE have faced off just once this year, and in that game, ENCE came out on top by a score of 2-0. Train and Dust2 were the maps in that series, and I would expect something similar again. ENCE will definitely have a chance in this series, but the upset isn’t as appealing as it was against Heroic in the opener.

ESL Pro League: OG vs. BIG

OG +1.5 (1.46)

OG and BIG have faced off three times this year, and all three of those games went to a decider. It is also worth noting that the map veto has played out in the same exact fashion in all three of these games (Dust2, Inferno, Mirage.) Both the Over and OG on the map handicap are viable options, in this spot.

ESL Pro League: Heroic vs. AGO

Heroic Map 2 (1.34)

Both of these teams tend to ban the same map (Overpass). It will be interesting to see how the teams choose to approach this. Sometimes, both teams choose to simply ban one of their opponents stronger maps in this scenario, and just float their usual perma-ban knowing that it is very unlikely that their opponent picks it against them. Regardless, Heroic will likely get to pick either Nuke or Mirage, and they will be a pretty sizeable favorite on their map choice regardless of which one they pick. I liked ENCE to cause the upset against Heroic in the opener, but Heroic will be in a really good spot to bounce back here against AGO.