CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - September 13th

s1mple's NaVi will look to maintain their spot at the top of the ESL Pro League standings, but they will face tough competition in the form of OG. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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13th Sep, 20·☕️ 4 min read

ESL Pro League: Heroic vs. GODSENT

GODSENT +1.5 (1.60)

Heroic and GODSENT only have a single game on record, which was at DreamHack Open Anaheim at the very start of the year. In that match, Heroic came back to win the series 2–1 with wins on Nuke and Overpass after losing Vertigo, which was GODSENT’s map choice in that game. Both teams have undergone some changes since then. TeSeS has come in to replace Snappi, and Farlig has replaced Maikelele as the main AWPer on GODSENT. Their map pools are also a bit more refined at this point, so it is likely that we will see these two teams approach the veto differently with this in mind. It is quite clear at this point that Heroic’s biggest weak point is Dust2, with strong Dust2 teams like BIG, Spirit and Vitality having continuously exploited them on this map. They even lost to NiP on Dust recently, a team that usually bans it outright. Since Heroic are likely to ban Overpass in this series, there should be an opportunity for GODSENT to pick Dust2 if they want to. Heroic on the other hand, will likely pick either Inferno or Nuke. While the Danes deserve to be favorites on Nuke and Inferno, GODSENT are definitely a live underdog on either of the two maps.

ESL Pro League: NaVi vs. OG

NaVi Map 2 (1.62)

NaVi and OG have faced off twice in the past, with the CIS side coming out on top on both occasions. The interesting thing about this matchup is that these are teams who ban Vertigo with a very high frequency (more than 90%). The last time these two sides met was in last season of ESL Pro League, where both teams actually ignored banning Vertigo, more or less expecting their opponent not to pick it. OG decided to ban Train instead, while NaVi went for the Mirage ban. This resulted in OG picking Inferno and NaVi picking Overpass, with both teams having a fairly significant advantage on their respective map picks. At some point in the veto, one team will be forced to remove Vertigo unless they have really prepped for it, and it is most likely going to be OG since they pick/ban first in this scenario. This will give NaVi a slight edge, since they will be able to pick the decider map. I say slight, because it is likely that we will end up on either Nuke or Dust2 as the decider in that scenario and those are actually solid maps for OG. Regardless, this type of veto generally favours the overdog, and it is on NaVi’s map choice where they have the biggest edge, in my opinion.

ESL Pro League: ENCE vs. AGO

ENCE Map 2 (1.40)

ENCE and AGO have faced off once before, which was in the IEM Katowice qualifier back in January when ENCE came out on top with a 2–1 victory. A lot of things have happened since then, ENCE have acquired Jamppi on a permanent basis and AGO have picked up F1KU and oskarish. Both teams went for their usual bans, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see them do the same thing here. AGO have usually tried to exploit their opponent’s weaker maps so far in ESL Pro League, and this would be Inferno in this scenario. This is what they went for against ENCE back in January, but it backfired completely, losing 16–1 on a straight up beating on Inferno. They may still be hurting from that loss, but they really shouldn’t be afraid to pick it since this would be their best chance at the upset. ENCE will likely go for Mirage again, but they also have the option of Train or Dust2. The upset is actually kind of interesting in this spot, but ENCE on the map 2 money line is the lower variance option. They have looked really strong on Mirage with Jamppi, winning five out of six games, including victories against the likes of G2, FaZe, MAD Lions and GODSENT.