CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - September 11th

Complexity have been on fire so far in ESL Pro League. Will they make it four in a row against fnatic? We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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11th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL Pro League: NiP vs. Spirit

Over 2.5 Maps (1.90)

NiP are coming off a 2–1 win against mousesports and Spirit lost a close series to Complexity in their most recent outing. The last time these two sides met was back in March when NiP swept Spirit after wins on Vertigo and Mirage. Interestingly, Spirit chose to ban Overpass in that series and play Vertigo instead, and it backfired completely. Since NiP have looked terrible on Vertigo with hampus and haven’t picked it at all recently, it honestly wouldn’t be a bad idea to ban Overpass again and force NiP to pick Vertigo or a map like Train where Spirit would have a better shot. However, if Spirit and NiP stick to their usual bans, both teams will have a significant advantage on their respective map picks, making the over and the map win markets the most appealing. Sadly ESL has announced the map veto pretty late on stream, but if they do put it up before start time, it is definitely worth taking advantage of it.

ESL Pro League: fnatic vs. Complexity

Complexity Map 2 (1.61)

fnatic have never lost to Complexity, winning three games, two of which were clean 2–0 sweeps. They have been flexing their map pool in this matchup as well, picking a different map in every meeting, winning all three of those. Complexity have been looking very strong recently, winning four out of their last five matches, including wins against the likes of NiP, Astralis and NaVi. Complexity will have a significant edge on their map choice assuming that they pick Nuke, and at time of writing, we are getting value on this line. However, I definitely wouldn’t count fnatic out in this series and we’re getting long odds on the money line, as well.

ESL Pro League: Astralis vs. mousesports

Astralis Map 2 (1.39)

Astralis have lost the last two meetings with mousesports, but it is worth noting that one of those was with the weak sauce iteration of Astralis, featuring JUGi and Snappi. It wouldn’t be surprising to see mousesports make Astralis sweat a little bit, especially on a map like Train, but I favour the Danes to get things done here on their map choice. Overpass and Train were the maps in the last matchup between these two sides, and it wouldn’t surprise me if we get the same set of maps. Astralis tend to prefer Overpass over Nuke against mousesports, and it would be surprising to see them not pick it here unless mousesports decide to ban it outright. Either way, the Danes will have a significant advantage on their map choice regardless of how you slice it, making the map 2 line worth considering despite the higher margin.


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