CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - October 1st

Complexity pulled off the upset against ENCE but they now face a more formidable opponent in the form of NaVi. We break down that matchup and more in today's betting tips.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
1st Oct, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ESL Pro League: Astralis vs. Spirit

Astralis (1.26)

This has been a really tough matchup for Spirit historically. They have faced off against Astralis twice this year, losing both without winning a single map. They have also failed to muster more than 10 rounds in any of those maps. Spirit does have some upset potential on their map choice, but with how the veto is likely going to play out, Astralis will get to play both Nuke and Inferno, making them a big favourite to take this series over the course of three maps.

ESL Pro League: BIG vs. Heroic

BIG (1.87)

BIG and Heroic have a lot of history with each other. They have faced off four times this year, with BIG beating them in three out of those meetings. However, it was the Danes that came out on top in a 2–1 victory in the group stage this season. The last map in the series was very close and really could have gone either way, showing just how closely matched these teams are at the moment. This is a more or less a pick’em type matchup, in my mind. I would slightly edge it in favour of BIG due to their track record against Heroic, but the Danes are looking sharp and should not be underestimated. Both teams have proven in past series that they are capable of winning on their opponent’s map pick as well, so I could see this match being a 2–0 in either direction, making the over less appealing with the higher margins. This is a pretty skippable game overall, but if you can snatch a good number on BIG it may be worth considering.

ESL Pro League: Complexity vs. NaVi

Complexity +1.5 (1.57)

I felt like Complexity were clearly disrespected in the betting market in my last article and they did come through with the win against ENCE. They now face a far tougher test in the form of NaVi and we are getting a similar number on the upset. Complexity have actually had the edge in this matchup recently, beating NaVi in the last two meetings. Bizarrely, NaVi have insisted on playing Dust2 even when Train and Overpass have been available, completely ignoring the fact that this is Complexity’s best map in terms of pure win-rate (72.2% with 36 played). This has really costed them, as they have lost the last two games on Dust2 against Complexity. It makes you wonder when (and if) NaVi will finally adjust and pick a map like Train or Overpass instead. If they pick Dust2 once more, I actually do think that Complexity have some upset potential even with NaToSaphiX. 


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