CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - April 7th

Tuesday’s action from the ESL Pro League will have another three games, including No. 1 Natus Vincere face No. 4 Mousesports. Here are some predictions from that and the rest of the matches.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
7th Apr, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

Fnatic v OG

Fnatic (1.46)

Fnatic will be on top of the world after their thrilling win against Astralis on Monday. The third map went to 30 rounds as Fnatic won 16-14 after opting for Dust2 in map 1 and winning that. They also beat Faze 2-1 to start this stage off on Sunday. OG started their series against Natus Vincere well, but closing out has been an issue.

Credit to Fnatic and their roster, putting up solid wins against the best in the world on a frequent basis. JW, Krimz and Brollan have showcased their ability to stand up and be counted come the big stage. I see them having another good day at the ESL Pro League on Tuesday.

Mousesports v Natus Vincere

Natus Vincere (1.80)

This isn’t a straightforward result, far from it. Mousesports have been quite solid through the season, as is evidenced from their No. 4 position on the CS:GO rankings. However, Natus Vincere are on a different plane from the rest of the teams. They went down early against Astralis but came storming back. The same transpired on Tuesday against OG.

Led by S1mple, who is the best player on the circuit currently, Na Vi have climbed to No. 1 on the standings. Electronic and Boombl4 have also been solid, complementing S1mple nicely. Na Vi have won their last four matches, including victories against Astralis, Fnatic and Forze in that period.

Faze Clan v Astralis

Astralis (1.55)

Astralis are hurting. They fought hard against Fnatic but in both the maps they lost, they dug too deep a hole too early. They came back spiritedly in both losing maps but it wasn’t enough as Fnatic held on to put up their win.

The head-to-head matchup is a fair indicator of the better team over quite a sustained period of time. In the 33 maps they’ve played against each other, Astralis have won 21 of them against Faze, including four of the last five maps.


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