CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - April 6th

The ESL Pro League Europe returns for the second stage this week. The world’s best teams, including Astralis and Natus Vincere, are in action on Monday. Here are some predictions from the day’s games.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
6th Apr, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Astralis v Fnatic

Astralis (1.45)

Fnatic won’t be easy to beat, but Astralis will be on a mission during the next week. Astralis slipped to No. 2 on the CS:GO rankings after losing some of their fluency in the early part of the year. Astralis have won their last four matches on the bounce, which bodes well for their confidence.

From a personnel perspective, Device, Dupreeh and Magisk have continued to lead their offensive charge. Device, in particular, has been in destructive form for Astralis. Fnatic might be able to stave off one or maybe two of those three players, but not all simultaneously. Astralis have too much depth and quality in their roster.

Natus Vincere v OG

Natus Vincere (1.37)

Natus Vincere have been in such terrific form this year that they’ve dethroned Astralis as the world’s best CS:GO team. That is some achievement. All that prowess has been led by S1mple, who is averaging 0.84 kills and 0.58 deaths this year with an astounding K/D ratio of 1.46!

Na Vi have won their last three matches, while OG have lost two of their previous three games. The sample size of their head-to-head matchup isn’t large, but Na Vi comfortably won their previous meeting in straight maps at the ICE Challenge earlier in the year (16-8 in Mirage and 16-6 in Dust2).

Faze v Mousesports

Mousesports (1.94)

Mousesports will continue to head up the CS:GO pecking order as the season progresses. And they are already the fourth-ranked team. Led by Frozen and Ropz, Mousesports have continued to not just compete against the best teams consistently, but beat them frequently too.

Faze are currently No. 10 in the world, which is a fair indicator of their ability on the pro scene. But they’ve just not been able to get past Mousesports in previous games. Mousesports have won eight of their previous 10 maps against Faze. In last week’s matchup, Mousesports came back from an early map deficit to win both Dust2 and Train (16-12 and 16-14 respectively).


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