CS:GO (ESL Pro League) Daily Betting Tips - April 1st

Upsets abound at the ESL Pro League. There are three more matches from the tournament on Wednesday. Here’s a breakdown of some picks.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
31st Mar, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Mousesports v Tyloo

Map handicap: Mousesports -1.5 (1.41)

Mousesports started sluggishly in their previous game against, struggling to find fluency in Inferno. That has been quite atypical for them because they have continued to start maps quickly. They won’t be pleased with their recent form but they’ll be aware there is an opportunity here.

Summer has led this Tyloo team, who have now moved to No. 30 in the world. But this is a completely different stage to the CS:GO tournaments that Tyloo are accustomed to. Mousesports, with Frozen and Ropz, will be keen to put this game away without dropping a map.

G2 v

G2 (1.29)

In their previous game, G2 were blown away by OG in straight maps. That result will hurt them badly. They are the world’s third-best CS:GO team. They won’t stay there for too long if they face results like those repeatedly. KennyS will continue to lead their aggressive style of play, and should pick up the AWP again. have not quite found their best, even with the might of Jame in their team, who has not been himself in 2020. It’s possible that could capitalise on G2’s vulnerability and win a map. However, it seems highly unlikely that they will win two against G2.

Evil Geniuses v Furia

Furia (2.75)

Furia have been in tearaway form in the ESL Pro League. They have won their last four matches on the bounce, including victories against MIBR and Liquid. Furia are ranked No. 11 in the world, and have some of the most under-rated players in their roster, including Kscerato and Yuurih.

Evil Geniuses are better skilled to this stage. However, they have had the habit of losing games they should not. You don’t have to look back much to find precedence of that: they have lost three of their last four games in the ESL Pro League. The head-to-head matchup isn’t favourable to Furia, but that might not matter as much because circumstances have changed significantly since then. 


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