CS:GO (ESL) Daily Betting Tips - April 8th
CS:GO (ESL) Daily Betting Tips - April 8th

We analyse some of today's bets in the ESL Pro League

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8th Apr, 21·☕️ 3 min read

NiP vs. Heroic

Recommend bet: NiP 1st Map (2.14) or NiP 1st Map +2.5 (1.82)

NiP are coming in as the underdog in this series against Heroic. The Ninjas went 4-1 in their group, taking impressive wins against Vitality, mousesports, FaZe and ENCE. With that said, we have also seen this team flounder on multiple occasions making them very hard to predict. Heroic had an equally, if not more, impressive showing as they went 5-0 to top the group by a landslide.

The interesting part about this series is that Heroic are a great Nuke team that doesn’t play Dust2. This is ideal for NiP, who are terrible on both Dust2 and Nuke. Don’t get me wrong, Heroic should still be the favourite in this matchup since they will likely pick Vertigo which NiP have gravitated away from over the last 6 months or so. However, NiP will be able to prepare well for this, and it is a lot harder to predict what map they will pick in this series. Overpass, Mirage, Inferno and Train are all decent options for them against Heroic. All of this combined, makes me think that NiP are actually a live underdog in this match despite facing an incredibly tough opponent. I am not quite sure that they take the series, but they can definitely steal away the first map or make them sweat a little bit.


TeSeS To Get Over 18.5 Kills With Above 58% Headshot (1st Map)

In this prop bet, we will need TeSeS to get more than 18.5 kills with a 58% headshot percentage in the first map of the series. NiP should pick first which makes TeSeS’ performance a bit trickier to predict since I could see a world where NiP pick Overpass, Mirage, Inferno and even Train. It is also worth noting that TeSeS has managed to pull off a headshot percentage of +58% in just 50% of his last 10 games on these maps. With this in mind, I think this one is a pass

Astralis vs. Gambit

Who Will Get More Kills? Sh1ro Vs Device (Match)

Recommended Bet: device (2.00)

device has been an absolute monster for Astralis recently, which makes this an interesting prop bet at these odds. While Gambit have looked great, Astralis should still be the favourite in this matchup which benefits device. The last time they played against Gambit, they came out on top with a 2-0 victory with device outfragging sh1ro by seven frags.

The maps in that series were Inferno and Vertigo. This is notworthy, since these aren’t exactly the best maps for AWPers. I think device is the better rifler of the two which again makes me edge this H2H in favour of device. The fact that Magisk hasn’t been himself recently has definitely made the competition for frags less fierce on Astralis as well. The same cannot be said on Gambit, where both Ax1Le and Hobbit have looked excellent and often outperform sh1ro when it comes to pure frags (K/D ratio is a different story as sh1ro dies very little).