CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - October 30th

A round-up of predictions from the CS:GO circuit on Thursday morning, including the semi-finals of the ECS Season 8 and the ESEA Premier Division.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
30th Oct, 19·☕️ 3 min read

Tricked Esport v Fnatic: ECS Season 8

Fnatic (1.34)

Fnatic have improved to the point they’re now only behind Astralis and Team Liquid for best CS:GO teams in the world. In their last five games, they’ve been beaten twice by Evil Geniuses, but have proved to be too good for the rest: G2, Furia and BIG, all solid teams.

Looking at the map match-up, Fnatic have strong records in most maps, including win rates of more than 60% in Mirage (67% in their last 12 maps), Inferno (64% in 14 maps), Nuke (80% in five maps), Train (71% in seven maps) and Overpass (80% in five maps).

MIBR v ATK: ECS Season 8

MIBR (1.47)

The other semi-final in the eight season of the ECS sees the all-Brazilian roster of MIBR take on ATK. While ATK are a strong team in their own right, MIBR have the depth and experience of playoffs matches to count on. ATK, ranked 31 in the world, haven’t quite played at the same level MIBR are accustomed to. MIBR’s recent run of form includes wins against Ninjas in Pyjamas and North, quality CS:GO teams, which should fill them up with confidence going into this semi-final.

Winstrike Team v Windigo: Sector MB, Group Stage

Total maps: Over 2.5 (1.84)

This game is anyone’s for the taking. Windigo are ranked slightly higher (at No. 40), while Winstrike are 69 in the world. Both teams have certain factors going in their favour for this match-up. Windigo haven’t won a game in their last five attempts, while Winstrike have won three of their previous four matches. When a game is as tight as this, it’s always the safer option to back both teams to win a map each at least.

Movistar Riders v Illuminar Gaming: Esea Premier Division

Illuminar Gaming (1.64)

There is a massive difference in quality between these two teams. CS:GO rankings are a testament to that. However, the reason the odds for Illuminar are quite high is that this will be a one-map battle, in Nuke. Illuminar are ranked 23 in the world, while Movistar are positioned at 70, having not been exposed to the quality that beckons improvement. Illuminar have won 46% of their last 13 attempts in Nuke. Movistar aren’t far behind, at 42% in 12 Nuke attempts. Yet, the probability is stacked heavily in favour of Illuminar.


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