CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - October 10th

The ESL Pro League continues on Friday with a bunch of tight games, which includes No. 7 Mousesports. We delve into the bets we feel might bring you a high return on investment.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
9th Oct, 19·☕️ 3 min read

Faze v Mousesports

Mousesports (1.64)

Faze have been in terrible form in recent times, losing four of their last five games. Mousesports have the reverse record, winning four of their previous five matches. Ranked No. 7 in the world, Mousesports are making rapid progress up the top flight of CS:GO teams.

In the map match-up, they have distinct advantages over Faze: they have a 75% win rate over their last 16 maps in Dust2, 67% in their previous 15 maps in Mirage, 71% in 14 maps in Inferno, 75% in Nuke and 67% in Train in their last six maps. It won’t be a cruise, but Mousesports should have this in their control.

MIBR v Furia

Furia (2.04)

This match will see two all-Brazilian rosters vie for progress into the top 10 of CS:GO teams in the world. Both these teams have won three of their previous five matches. But there are minor advantages for Furia, such as map efficiency and player form. MIBR have won just five of their previous 10 maps in Mirage, while Furia have won seven of eight. Kscerato, Yuurih and Art all average more than 0.70 kills per round in the last three months. These are subtle, but potentially match-deciding factors.

Team Envyus v Swole Patrol

Team Envyus (1.59)

On account of being around the top teams in the world, Team Envyus will go into this match with the confidence of playing, losing to and learning from the best. Envyus have won two of their last five matches, but have also lost their last three games. That includes a loss to Astralis (16-7 in Train), a 2-1 defeat to Furia and a straight-maps loss to MIBR.

These results aren’t a testament to poor form because Envyus just isn’t skilled enough to compete against these teams. However, when faced with a team that is not up to the level of these teams, like Swole Patrol, who have lost their last four matches and have a world ranking of No. 58, the learnings from those defeats will aid Envyus significantly.

Featured Bet of the Day (Big v Optic Gaming)

Featured Match
Ground Zero (2.42)VSAvant Gaming (1.52)

Optic Gaming (2.12)

There isn’t much that separates these two teams. Big and Optic both aren’t in great form, having lost four of their previous five matches. However, Optic have slightly more confidence after beating Liquid 16-9. Optic are also the higher-ranked team, with a world ranking of 21 compared to 27 for Big. Considering these two factors, wouldn’t it more prudent to take the team with the bigger payout?


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