CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - November 29th

The DreamHack Open Winter 2019 begins with some upcoming teams vying for their spot among the top flight of CS:GO teams. Here are some teams and bets to consider from the opening day’s action.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
28th Nov, 19·☕️ 3 min read

Furia Esports v Marslalk

Furia Esports (1.10)

The all-Brazilian Furia team has made rapid strides up the CS:GO rankings. So much so that they are knocking on the door of the top-10 teams in the world, now at No. 9. This proficiency has been led by Kscerato, who is averaging 0.73 kills per round in the last three months. This productivity has been against some of the best teams around. Marskalk are a relatively unknown team, ranked 88 in the world. That’s why the odds are skewed so heavily in favour of Furia.

Heroic v SJ Gaming

Heroic (1.20)

Just like the first game of this DreamHack tournament, Heroic are too good on paper for SJ Gaming. Heroic have been tested on the grandest of stages and have earned their corn by competing in those big events. They come into this tournament with five straight wins, including victories against (2-0) and Illuminar (16-3 in Overpass). SJ, on the other hand, have lost their previous four matches, and currently own a world ranking of 64. Heroic have been sensational in Mirage, winning 85% of their last 13 attempts in the map.

Forze v Tricked Esport

Forze (2.14)

These odds seem a tad too high for a team as good as Forze. It makes even more sense to consider Forze after going through the following factors:

  • Ranking superiority: Forze are ranked 18 in the world. Not bad by any means. Tricked are below them in the world rankings, at 22 overall.
  • Form: Forze have won four of their previous five matches, while Tricked have won three in the same period.
  • Head-to-head record: Forze are yet to lose a single map to Tricked, having won all seven maps against them. All these games were in 2019.

Cr4Zy v Godsent

Featured Match
Cr4Zy (2.16)VSGodsent (1.65)

Cr4zy (2.16)

Very similar to the Forze match-up, these are excellent odds for Cr4zy as well. Cr4zy are a steady team. Ranked 17 in the world, they’ve shown off their solidity and consistency in the CS:GO circuit in the last few months. Cr4zy have the edge over Godsent in several maps, including Dust2 (62% win rate in 13 maps), Mirage (69% win rate in their last 13 maps) and Inferno (57% win rate in their last 14 maps). Shipz, Ottond and EspiranTo all average over 0.70 kills per round in recent CS:GO as well.


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