CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - November 1st

Astralis, Liquid, Natus Vincere, Ninjas in Pyjamas and some other high-profile names from the CS:GO world are back in action at the BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen. We take a look at the teams to back.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
1st Nov, 19·☕️ 3 min read

Astralis v Faze Clan

Astralis (1.33)

Astralis have been the team to watch in recent weeks in CS:GO. They dethroned Team Liquid to become the top-ranked CS:GO team in the world, but they’ve now lost that title, with Evil Geniuses taking the No. 1 crown. Dev1ce has been in stunning form of late, averaging 0.80 kills per round in the last three months. Considering Astralis have played some of the best in the world during this period, this achievement becomes even more significant. This match will be played in Inferno. Expect Astralis to come out hot.

Natus Vincere v Team Liquid

Team Liquid (1.66)

For a long time, Liquid were the best team in the world. The majority and core of their roster remains the same, which means the skill of personnel is present. Form and confidence might be missing from their game, but that’s why the opportunity of a bigger payout on account of higher odds presents itself. This will be played in Dust2, and there’s a discernible difference in form in this map. Liquid have won eight of their previous 10 attempts in Dust2, while Na Vi have won just three of their last six in the map.

Natus Vincere v Faze Clan

Natus Vincere (1.62)

Gamer for gamer, you just feel that Natus Vincere are superior to Faze in this contest. It’s not that Faze are a bad team, ranked at 21 in the world, but Na Vi and S1mple might just be too good for this. They are ranked 10 in the world, with form and fluency on their side. S1mple averages 0.78 kills per round in his last three months of CS:GO action. Electronic and Flamie both put up more than 0.70 kills per round, complementing s1mple well. In the head-to-head, Na Vi have won 14 to Faze’s 11.

Cloud9 v Team Liquid

Team Liquid (1.20)

This is a golden opportunity for Liquid to return to their typical best. A big stage, two teams they would back themselves to beat and some time to rest and reflect. That’s what Liquid will take into the start of the BLAST Pro Series in Copenhagen. Cloud9 have not won once in their last four attempts in Inferno, while Liquid have come away with an Inferno win in three of their previous five attempts. So form, history and superiority are on Liquid’s side in this contest.


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