CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - November 13th

As the ESL Pro League returns in full flow, we take a look at some of the teams to back from Thursday morning’s action.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
12th Nov, 2019·☕️ 3 min read

G2 v Ninjas in Pyjamas

NiP (2.21)

NiP have been in middling form in recent times. It seems like a paradoxical statement for a team that has lost three of their last five games, but they’ve also beaten Astralis and Team Liquid in this period. These results have seen them rise to No. 8 in the world rankings. Forest, Lekr0 and Plopski have been NiP’s go-to offensive weapons. That is unlikely to change in this fixture. Besides, odds of 2.17 for a team as good as NiP is always worth the price. For a game in which the result isn’t likely, those are extremely favourable odds for a nice payout.

Singularity v Detona Gaming

Detona Gaming (2.70)

There is nothing on paper in this game to suggest that Detona are deserving of the underdogs tag. They are a decent team, up against another middling team in Singularity, who are ranked 57 in the world. Two ranking spots behind doesn’t make Detona a bad team. Singularity are not in great form either, having lost their last five games. Detona have lost just one in the same sample size of matches.

ATK v Envy

Envy (2.06)

Envy have been in decent form in the ESL Pro League. They have won their last two games, against Swole Patrol and Furia as well. Ranked 29 in the world, they have a solid map-match-up to rely on, including consistent records in Dust2 (four wins in their last six maps), Nuke (71% win rate in their last seven maps) and Inferno (four wins in their last eight maps). ATK will be a worthy competitor, but Envy have a high chance of pulling one on them in any of these maps. Odds of 1.98 are considerably high too.

North v BIG

BIG (1.65)

BIG are in smashing form in recent CS:GO. They have won their last five games, including wins against and Illuminar. In the previous meeting between these two teams, BIG demolished North 16-4 (Inferno) and 16-6 (Mirage) in the eighth season of the ECS. BIG also own the map match-up in almost all maps.

BIG have a win-rate of 88% (last 8 maps) in Dust2, 90% (10 maps) in Mirage, 58% in Inferno and Nuke (both 12 maps) and 60% (10 maps) in Overpass. In stark contrast, North have a win rate of 50% (4 maps) in Dust2, 14% (7 maps) in Mirage, 42% (12 maps) in Inferno and 17% (6 maps) in Nuke. Those are significant differences.


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