CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - May 10th

The group stage ESL One: Road to Rio is drawing to a close, we take a look at three interesting betting opportunities in today's matches.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
10th May, 20·☕️ 2 min read

ESL One: Road to Rio (Europe): GODSENT vs. Vitality

GODSENT +1.5 (1.62)

mousesports have looked surprisingly poor all tournament, and after a shocking loss to GODSENT, they are now completely out of playoff contention. Meanwhile, the Danes from Copenhagen Flames still have a chance at making playoffs with a win here against mousesports, so there is some serious upset potential in this match. The money line might be in play here at a significant number, but you can also opt for the handicap.

ESL One: Road to Rio (Europe): GODSENT vs. Movistar Riders

GODSENT (1.55)

Movistar Riders lost to North who were playing with a coach, A COACH! All right, let’s calm down a bit, Jumpy was actually a solid player back in the days of CS 1.6, but this was still a ridiculously poor performance by Movistar Riders. The loss means that the Spaniards can no longer make playoffs, while GODSENT will be hungry to cement their place in the playoffs with a win here. I would have favored GODSENT in this matchup even without these circumstances, so I quite like their chances to take out the Spaniards here.

ESL One: Road to Rio (Europe): G2 vs. North

G2 -1.5 (1.49)

Both of these teams need to win if they want to have any chance at making playoffs. Here’s the kicker, North will have to play this match, and the remainder of the tournament, with their coach Jumpy. He is a former CS 1.6 player, so he is not completely incapable, but this is an excellent spot for G2 to sweep this series.


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