CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 3rd
CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 3rd

Gen.G will be hoping to secure a playoff berth with a win against MIBR. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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3rd Jun, 20·☕️ 3 min read

BLAST Spring Showdown: fnatic vs. mouseports

Over 26.5 rounds (1.81)

This is pretty much a pick’em type matchup. Both teams have looked a bit shaky recently, with mousesports looking the worst of the two. This could definitely end up being a tight match since both teams have a lot of history against each other. If you want to pick a winner in this one, I would suggest waiting until close to kickoff when we will get a better idea about the map veto. If we end up on Dust2, which is a serious possibility, I actually like mousesports’ chances of winning this one.

BLAST Spring Showdown: Dignitas vs. Virtus.pro

Dignitas (2.32)

Both of these teams have yet to win a game, and they will be desperate to get a win on the board here to get back into playoff contention. Virtus.pro looked incredibly lackluster against fnatic, and Jame, who is otherwise a key player for this team, has been surprisingly poor in both matches thus far. Dignitas haven’t looked much better, but their star duo of f0rest and hallzerk are showing signs of life, and I see no reason why they should be this big of an underdog against a struggling Virtus.pro side.

BLAST Spring Showdown: Cloud9 vs. Evil Geniuses

Cloud9 (2.12)

This has been a pretty close matchup historically, with Cloud9 coming out on top in the last two meetings. Both Train and Dust2 are likely maps here, and Cloud9 have defeated EG on both of these maps this year, making them a viable bet at the longer odds.

BLAST Spring Showdown: Gen.G vs. MIBR

Gen.G (1.85)

This is an interesting matchup in the sense that Gen.G have truly struggled against MIBR throughout their lifespan, losing their last three meetings against the Brazilians. However, there is a kicker, which is that MIBR have already secured playoffs after drawing to Chaos yesterday. Gen.G, however, will be desperate to get a win on the board here so that they won’t have to rely on FURIA getting things done against Chaos. This is a close matchup, and you could make a solid argument for either side, but I am gonna give Gen.G a slight edge due to the motivational angle.