CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 26th

FURIA take on MIBR in a spicy Brazilian derby. There was plenty of drama the last time these two sides met, so you won't want to miss it! We break down this match and more in today's betting tips.

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26th Jun, 20·☕️ 2 min read

cs_summit 6: ENCE vs. x6tence

ENCE Map 2 (1.42)

x6tence were absolutely annihilated by NiP in their last match and they are now against the ropes here against ENCE. There is some level of upset potential for x6tence on Nuke or Inferno, but ENCE hold a clear advantage on both Dust2 and Train. The last time these two sides met, ENCE absolutely destroyed the Danes on Train, and this was back when they had Farlig as well. Considering that x6tence have now lost their last five games, it is hard to see them beating ENCE here on their map choice. 

cs_summit 6: FaZe vs. Heretics

FaZe (1.24) or FaZe 2nd Map (1.34)

This is a pretty tough matchup for Heretics due to the map pools of these two sides. Overpass and Train are probably two of FaZe’s weakest maps, and Heretics pretty never first-pick either of these two. If they want to win this game, they’re gonna need to beat FaZe straight up on some of their strongest maps in the pool which is improbable. 

cs_summit 6: MIBR vs. FURIA

FURIA (1.67)

MIBR may have gotten the better of FURIA in their last two games, but FURIA have been the better team historically in this matchup, winning five out of six BO3s against their Brazilian rivals. This should be a pretty spicy match due to all of the drama that transpired in the last match, where FURIA were pressured into restarting a round despite having no obligation to do so according to the ruleset. FURIA are coming off a loss to EG, but I would not put too much thought into that since this is one of few opponents that they have historically struggled against. FURIA are the stronger overall team, and with a map pool that sets up really well against MIBR, I like their chances at getting revenge on MIBR at these odds.


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