CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 17th

We break down two of today's matches in the BLAST Premier: Spring Finals, including why Liquid is such a big favorite against Evil Geniuses.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
17th Jun, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

BLAST Premier: ENCE vs. G2

G2 (1.71)

ENCE have started playing a lot better ever since they acquired Jamppi. They have swept teams like MAD Lions and mousesports recently, and they managed to take a map off FaZe despite an unfavorable set of maps. The map veto is going to play a big part in how this match is likely to play out, in my opinion. G2 normally bans Overpass, but since ENCE rarely play this map, it would be a lot more beneficial for them if they banned Train in this spot. If they do that, I favor G2 quite heavily in this series. However, if they don’t, ENCE will have a far better chance at the upset. 

BLAST Premier: Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses

Liquid (1.51)

Liquid have always been dominant in this matchup. In fact, they haven’t lost against Evil Geniuses in a BO3 since 2018 (!). That’s four BO3s in a row in 2020 and nine overall if you include all games with the core rosters. We are getting a really short number on Liquid here, but it is hard to go against them in a BO3, especially if you consider how lackluster Evil Geniuses have looked for most of the year.


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