CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 11th

FURIA are looking unstoppable at the moment. Can 100 Thieves put an end to to their hot streak? We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

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11th Jun, 20·☕️ 2 min read

DreamHack Masters Spring: FaZe vs. NiP

Over 2.5 Maps (1.87)

FaZe and NiP have faced off two teams this year, with FaZe coming out victorious on both occasions. However, it is worth mentioning that both teams have made roster changes since then, with FaZe acquiring Bymas and NiP picking up hampus. While NiP have been unsuccessful against FaZe so far this year, they actually have a decent enough map pool to make things difficult for FaZe. The maps have been the same in the last two series, with NiP opting for Overpass, Mirage for FaZe, and Train as the third map decider. Mirage hasn’t been the best of maps for NiP. However, it appears as if they have gotten more comfortable on this map since they had the balls to pick it (and win it) against Vitality in their most recent match. This match could go either way, but it seems likely that we end up on a decider considering the maps that we are likely to see.

DreamHack Masters Spring: FURIA vs. 100 Thieves

FURIA (1.57)

FURIA have just been amazing all throughout 2020, and it is hard to argue against them being the top dog in the North American region at this point. FURIA holds the better H2H record in this matchup against 100 Thieves, with 3 wins and 1 loss, and it is hard to see them drop this game considering their current form. The fact that Overpass is 100 Thieves permaban hurts them a ton in this matchup and they will be a big underdog regardless of how the map veto plays out. They aren’t much of a Train team either, which makes things even tougher since this is one of few maps where FURIA are vulnerable. I like FURIA’s chances of taking this series, and this is a spot where you can even consider taking FURIA -1.5 due to the advantage that they hold in the map veto.


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