CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - June 10th

BIG will be hoping to pull off another upset as they are set to take on G2 in the upper-bracket finals of DreamHack Masters. We break down that match and more in today's betting tips.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
10th Jun, 2020·☕️ 3 min read

BLAST Spring Showdown: Vitality vs. NiP

NiP 1st Map (2.08)

NiP made a big comeback to win against Astralis thanks to some crazy clutch plays by twist. They are now set to face off against Vitality, a team that they have lost to five out of six times in BO3s so far this year. Vitality came out on top the last time these two sides met, but NiP made things a lot closer this time around, and could easily have walked away with a 2–0 victory if it wasn’t for some great entry frags by apEX at 14–14 on Overpass. Nuke has been a thorn in the side of NiP for a while since f0rest and GeT_RiGhT left, and I would expect Vitality to pick it here. NiP should really be picking Overpass, since they have had most of their success against Vitality on this map. I like the Ninjas’ chances at an upset on their map choice, which should be the first map in the series unless Vitality opts to pick first, which is rare. But I would always recommend waiting until close to kick-off to see if the map picks are announced on stream first. Vitality has a huge edge on Nuke despite losing it to NiP last time around, so if you want to go for a safer option, betting on them to win their map choice isn’t a bad play either.

BLAST Spring Showdown: BIG vs. G2

BIG +1.5 (1.39)

BIG took down FaZe in impressive fashion and it seems like the German side hasn’t slowed down since the group stage. FaZe were unable to break double digits on either map, and the likes of syrsoN and k1to proved way to difficult to deal with. We aren’t getting the longest of odds on the upset this time around, but I think it is still worth considering, either on the money line or as a handicap play. Regardless of how you slice it, BIG should get a set of maps where they are fairly comfortable, and it would not be surprising to see them capitalize on the momentum and make this troublesome for G2.


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