CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - January 14th

Today we are following some lower tier teams in their EU competitions while we wait for the start of BLAST Global Finals

rand 1919
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14th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

CS:GO scene is firing up. With European schedule getting more and more crowded, top tier teams are preparing for the upcoming BLAST Global Finals. Until then, we are following lower tier teams in their EU competitions. Some of them are playing for the first time this year. Here are the matches that I’ve decided to analyse for Thursday.

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: forZe vs HellRaisers

forZe @ 1.58

This could potentially be a top match of the day. forZe were such a strong team in the 2nd part of 2020. However, HellRaisers are lately playing better and better. A strong 2-0 win vs ex-ETHEREAL for their perfect start in the new season. Map pool is definitely on the HellRaiser’s side, for a mile. Another interesting fact is that HellRaisers never lost to forZe. 2-1 win in September and dominant 16-3 win in late October are pretty good results. forZe should be a stronger team overall, compared their performances in the last couple of months, but HR are definitely rising in form and they are creating a pretty solid CIS squad. This can go to all 3 maps for sure, but if I need to pick a winner I would go with experience. So forZe.

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: Dignitas vs Sinners

Sinners @ 2.25

Actually, dignitas is in a pretty bad state. I highly doubt that roster will make it to the top, but let’s see. They had some good wins at the end of the last year. However, Sinners are already on fire this year. 2-0 vs Project X is a pretty good way to open the new year. Sinners actually have one of the highest ranked individuals on the CS:GO servers. Oskar with 1.34 ratings is leading the pack. Neofrag 1.22, Zedko 1.14. Those numbers are just sick and that’s one of the reasons why I do think they can do good in this series. Map pool is on their favour too. Basically they have a better win ratio then Dignitas on all maps. Dignitas can win this on experience and youth. HEAP is one of the biggest Swedish talents, and f0rest and friberg can carry them with their experience, but will it be enough to beat great sinergy in a team like Sinners? Actually, I do think there is a good value here in betting on Sinners win. Good returns. Over 2.5 maps is a good bet too.

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: Nemiga Gaming vs NAVI Junior

NAVI Junior @ 2.16

Another underdog pick here. It’s really highly possible here that we see NAVI academy guys take this series. I think they are in excellent form right now, and Nemiga’s end of the last year was very bad. 4 losses out of 5 last matches for Nemiga, while Juniors are on a 4 match winning streak. In November last year, Nemiga did beat Juniors in a close 2-1 series. Map pool is another advantage for Juniors, as they are better on 5 out of 7 maps. Sounds pretty good. That’s why I think this is one of those bets where going with an underdog is a good way to go. It’s possible, I think this can be a worse 50-50 match. Worth a risk.


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