CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - January 13th

Vulkan Fight Series and United Pro Series Winter are moving on. We will watch 2 interesting series today.

rand 1919
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13th Jan, 21·☕️ 3 min read

Vulkan Fight Series 2020: Gambit vs Winstrike

Gambit @ 1.20

Gambit is most probably one of the strongest CIS CS:GO squads. Together with NaVi and VirtusPro, they are firmly holding the best 3 teams in the region. Yes, Winstrike is decent. Yes, Winstrike improved their lineup with 2 ex-K23 players, neaLaN and n0rb3r7. n0rb3r7 has impressive ratings in game and with 1.13 he is the 2nd best fragger in the team, right after El1an with amazing 1.26 ratings. Winstrike is pretty good on Dust2 and Nuke. Nuke is their best map I would say and most played for sure, while Gambit doesn’t play Nuke, so it will be interesting to see which maps will Gambit ban. If Gambit picks Overpass, it’s almost a sure win for them. With an amazing 94% win ratio on 16 maps, they are looking unstoppable on it. Gambit still didn’t play a match this year, while Winstrike faced Nexus 2 days ago. They’ve taken that series with 2-1, after being 0-1 down. I do think that Gambit are big favourites here and if you can find good ML odds on Gambit, go for it. Otherwise, Gambit -1.5 is another pretty big bet. Very risky, but nice returns.

UNITED Pro Series Winter 2020: Unicorns of Love vs Alternate Attax

Alternate Attax @ 1.53

This will be a very interesting match. Both teams had big lineup changes this month. 3 roster changes on side of UoL and 3 roster changes on side of Attax. Overall, I do think that Alternate Attax did a better job with their recruitments. Getting kRYSTAL from Godsent and Krimbo from BIG Academy are big moves from them. kRYSTAL is bringing a lot of experience with him on the tier 1 stage, while Krimbo with his amazing 1.21 ratings is surely a young talent of the German scene. UoL’s last match was a win vs weak Austrian squad plan-B, while Alternate Attax did beat much stronger SPARX team, a team that is new on the EU scene. Overall, I see a lot more quality on the Attax side, individual and teamplay too, so I believe they will take this series. Since both teams have new squads, let’s be careful here, but those odds on Alternate Attax win are not that bad to go for them.


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