CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - February 5th

ICE Challenge 2020 is going into the final stage. The playoffs are featuring a single-elimination, best-of-three bracket with a best-of-five grand final. Wednesday is the day for the semifinals. 4 teams remained. 4 were eliminated. Let’s analyze those two semifinal matches.

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4th Feb, 20·☕️ 3 min read

ICE Challenge 2020: Mousesports vs Mad Lions

Mousesports @ 1.25

Mousesports entered this tournament as big favourites. And as we all expected, they have made their way to the semifinals. The last 2 months of 2019 looked amazing for them, they really made a step forward with this lineup and they took some big championships. Can they continue in that fashion here in ICE Challenge? I do think so. They won group A and ended up taking 1st place with 2 clean wins. One vs Virtus.Pro and another one vs Mad Lions. As the group A winner, they were placed directly in the semifinals, waiting for the winner of Mad Lions and OG. Mad Lions came from the same group, as the 3rd ranked team with a 1-1 score. They beat Heroic and lost vs mousesports. But they needed to play 1 extra match, quarterfinals. They played vs OG and showed that they are a really strong up and coming team, ready to do some big things and upsets in 2020. However, they need to play vs mousesports again. Basically, they thirst for revenge now, because of their loss vs mouz in the group stage. I don’t think this will happen. Mousesports are big favourites here, and it’s possible that they won’t lose a map here either.

ICE Challenge 2020: Natus Vincere vs Godsent

Natus Vincere @ 1.24

The second favourites to take this tournament are NaVi. They came from group B, where they finished in 1st place with 2 victories. They have beaten Godsent with 2-1 and OG with clean 2-0 results. It’s interesting how both semifinal matches are a revanche from the group stage. 1st place team vs 3rd place team in both cases. Godsent lost vs NaVi 1-2 and surprisingly won vs ENCE 2-0 in their group stage matches. In their quarter final match they won against Virtus.Pro with a 2-0 result. A decent performance for this mixed European squad, as it seems like that experience from coach Devilwalk and their entry fraggers STYKO and Maikelele are bringing them really good results and stability in the long run. However, this will be a really hard match compared to the one in the group stage. It’s known that NaVi in the group stage and in the playoff stage is a completely different squad. I believe they will take this match now more seriously and end this match with a clean victory. I don’t see Godsent winning this. My pick here is: Natus Vincere win.


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