CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - December 19th

Games from Epicenter and the Champions Cup are coming rapidly, with another long list of games on Thursday to look forward to. Here are some bets that could brighten up your day further.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
19th Dec, 19·☕️ 3 min read

Champions Cup 2019: G2 Esports v BIG

G2 Esports (1.37)

G2 have been a consistent team around the top 10 CS:GO teams for a while. Although they have now slipped out of the top 10 (at 11 in the world currently), they are too strong for this BIG team, who are ranked No. 33 overall. G2 have won four of their last five games, including a demolition job of a top team in Mousesports (16-3 in Dust2). G2 also cruised past BIG in both maps they played against each other last month (16-6 in Dust 2 and 16-12 in Inferno) at the ESL Pro League.

Champions Cup 2019: Furia v Tyloo

Furia (1.34)

This game bears a very similar resemblance to the previous one. Furia are better positioned to take advantage of their form and confidence. Furia have played in the top flight of CS:GO competitions for quite a long period of time, which has seen them rise to No. 13 in the world. The all-Brazilian roster has relied on Kscerato and Hen1, and they haven’t disappointed at all. Both players average more than 0.70 kills in the last three months, a crucial KPI in the CS:GO industry. Tyloo may find that they don’t quite have the depth to challenge and compete against Furia for a sustained period.

Champions Cup 2019: Hard Legion v Spirit

Hard Legion (1.91)

There is one factor where Spirit are much better than Hard Legion: ranking. Spirit are ranked 29 overall, while Hard Legion are No. 45 in the world. That’s it. A big reason for that discrepancy is that Hard Legion haven’t been around for a long time. But in this period, they have shown a propensity to compete and beat the best teams in the world. For example, they cruised past BIG and Godsent in two of their last three games. Both those teams are ranked higher than Hard Legion. This team has also beaten Spirit in all three maps they have played against each other, at the StarLadder Major earlier this year.

EPICENTER 2019: EHome v Heroic

Map handicap: Heroic -1.5 (1.25)

There is a massive disparity in this game. Heroic have comfortable edges in almost every facet: form, confidence, skill, depth, experience and personnel. Heroic are ranked 21 in the world, they have won four of their last five games and own the match-up in every single CS:GO map. EHome, ranked 84 in the world, aren’t even close to Heroic. They have also lost their last five matches. This should be a comfortable 2-0 win for Heroic.


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