CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - April 28th

ESL One: Road to Rio continues! We highlight a few games that might be worth betting on tonight.

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
28th Apr, 20·☕️ 2 min read

ESL One: Road to Rio (Europe): NiP vs. ENCE

NiP (1.43)

NiP are undefeated so far in ESL One: Road to Rio, with wins against Vitality and Dignitas, and they are favored to extend their streak here against an ENCE team that is coming off a crushing loss to Heretics. With Vertigo and Dust2 likely to get banned, Mirage and Overpass seem like likely candidates. ENCE will have a decent shot at stealing Mirage, but they will be a clear underdog on the decider, which will likely be Inferno or Nuke.

ESL One: Road to Rio (Europe): Heretics vs. Complexity

Heretics +1.5 (1.53)

Heretics are a team on the rise, and the likes of Nivera and Maka look super solid in a 2–0 win against ENCE. They might not win this game, but they can most definitely take a map against Complexity. We should end up on maps that both teams are fairly comfortable on unless someone throws a major curveball in the map veto, and this could very well end up being a close game.

ESL One: Road to Rio (North America): Orgless vs. Gen.G

Orgless +1.5 (1.62)

Gen.G won this series in convincing fashion the last time these two sides met, but Orgless have likely learned their season and won’t be picking Mirage into Gen.G here. If they instead choose to go towards a map like Train or Nuke, an upset could be on the cards.


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