CS:GO Daily Betting Tips  -  April 21st

Will FREDDyFROG and his brother Relaxa carry Japaleno to a victory against Nemiga? We break down today's LOOT.BET matches.

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21st Apr, 20·☕️ 2 min read

LOOT.BET Season 6: Japaleno vs. Nemiga

Japaleno (1.78)

FREDDyFROG (One of the best nicknames ever, by the way.) and his brother Relaxa will be slight favorites in this matchup against Nemiga. The map veto will likely be quite straight forward here, as both teams have pretty shallow map pools. Unless Nemiga throws a curveball in the veto, Japaleno should get to play Overpass here, a map that they have proven to be very effective on. Nemiga’s best chance of winning this series would be to play Vertigo, in my opinion, but they have gone for Dust2 and Mirage in the last two meetings between these two teams. Japaleno are on a bit of a losing streak at the moment, but they have gone up against some very respectable teams during that stretch, and I think that they will have a solid chance at bouncing back against a Nemiga side that they match up favorably against.

LOOT.BET Season 6: Secret vs. Hard Legion

Secret (1.78)

Secret have shown great form since picking PERCY, sweeping the likes of Illuminar and AGO in BO3s. A bit of a honey-moon period perhaps, but it is hard to bet against them when they are showing this type of form. Hard Legion are coming off two wins against Nemiga and Espada, but they have struggled with far weaker teams than Team Secret so far this year. They will have a solid shot at taking Train or Dust2 if it comes to that, but I think that Secret have the edge in this series overall.


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