CS:GO Daily Betting Tips - April 16th

Here is a round-up of the CS:GO games from Thursday with predictions and the reasons for them.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
16th Apr, 2020·☕️ 2 min read

Home Sweet Home Cup: BIG v Singularity

BIG (1.17)

This is a massive mismatch as can often be the case in some lower-tier tournaments. BIG are ranked 15 in the world because they have maintained their consistency over a fairly long period of time. They are well led by Tabsen, with strong support from Xantares and Syrson, who both average well over 0.70 kills per round this year.

BIG are also in spectacular recent form, having won their previous five matches, including victories against Spirit, Sprout and They have too much depth and quality. BIG won the only map they’ve played against each other: 16-13 in Nuke at the ESEA MDL Europe earlier this year.

Home Sweet Home Cup: X-Kom Ago v Smash Esports

X-Kom Ago (1.54)

Smash are a decent outfit but somehow, they’ve never managed to gain any traction or momentum in the bigger CS:GO tournaments. Ago have done just that, which is why there are nearly 100 ranking spots between these two (Ago are 45, Smash are 131 in the world).

Smash have lost their last five matches, which won’t do much for their confidence. The all-Polish lineup of Ago will rely heavily again on Mhl and F1ku again, who have led the way from an offensive standpoint. This isn’t a clear-cut result but Ago definitely have the advantage on paper.

Loot Season 1: Winstrike v Skade

Total maps: Over 2.5

This game is anyone’s to pick. There are very subtle factors to consider but in most matchups, these two teams basically cancel each other out. There are just two ranking spots between Winstrike and Skade. Both of these teams have won four of their previous five matches. In the map head-to-head, there are no clear favourites.

That means that there is a strong chance that this game will go to three maps with both teams having to choose the map of their choice ahead of the game. The odds for that result are quite good as well.


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