CS:GO Asia Championships Review

mousesports finally get a big win under their belt with a win at the CS:GO Asia Championships.

Valentin Gustafsson
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26th Nov, 2019·☕️☕️ 8 min read

mousesports finally get a big win under their belt with a win at the CS:GO Asia Championships.

Tournament Winner: mousesports

Record: 9 / 0 / 3
Most Played Map: Inferno (100%)
Best Map: Inferno (100%)
Worst Map: Mirage (0.0%)

mousesports have won the CS:GO Asia Championships after defeating the Finnish side ENCE 2–0 in the finals. This mousesports side was formed back in March, and with the exception of their win at DreamHack Open Tours, the results have been less than satisfactory for a team that has enough talent to be contesting for top placings. For that reason, it was refreshing to see them finally put in a solid showing from start to finish.

mousesports were drawn against AVANGAR in the opening a match. The Eurasian side had to play without their newest addition, SANJI, due to VISA complications. The format Gambit player, mou, was called upon to stand-in for AVANGAR, and was slotted straight into SANJI’s roles despite being known as a main AWPer throughout his career. This was far from an ideal situation for AVANGAR, and mousesports were able to take full advantage, winning the series 2–0 after two straight 16–11 wins.

The win meant that mousesports would go up against ENCE in the winners’ match, with a spot in the semi-finals up for grabs. But despite the best efforts of the likes of ropz and woxic, mousesports would fall to the Finns after a back and forth affair which ended in a 2–1 victory for ENCE.

The pre-tournament favorite, Evil Geniuses, awaited mousesports in the quarter-finals. Evil Geniuses have been a bit hit-or-miss lately, and this match was the latter. mousesports were able to sweep the series 2–0, and this time it was frozen who shone the brightest on the mousesports side.

An unlikely opponent awaited mousesports next, as TYLOO had defeated both G2 and MIBR 2–0 to guarantee their place in the semis. This proved to be the match of the tournament, as mousesports were pushed to the limit by the Chinese side and a 1on3 clutch by woxic proved to be the deciding factor on Dust2 to give mousesports their spot in the finals.

On the other side of the bracket, ENCE had defeated MIBR to set-up a rematch from the group stage. However, this time mousesports proved to be the far stronger side, taking the series 2–0 after convincing wins on both Train and Inferno. Both woxic and frozen were standouts on the scoresheet for mousesports, but it was karrigan who proved to be vital in setting his team up for success after several impactful entry frags on both Train and Inferno.

CS:GO Asia Championships may not have been the most competitive tournament that we have seen this year, but it is still a solid win for mousesports which will give them some much-needed confidence going into the ESL Pro League finals in Odense next week.

Featured Match: mousesports vs TYLOO (Semi-Finals)

TYLOO found themselves in the semi-finals of this tournament last year, but with odds of 75.00, the oddsmakers certainly didn’t believe in another deep run from the Chinese side. But after stunning 2–0 victories against both G2 and MIBR, TYLOO found themselves in the semi-finals once again. With the Chinese crowd cheering them on, TYLOO would prove to be a truly hard nut to crack for mousesports.

The first map of the series would be Overpass and TYLOO came out swinging, closing out the first half 10–5 in their favor. mousesports really struggled to string rounds together on their T-side, something which we haven’t seen a lot of in what has been a very T-sided meta in recent months. TYLOO picked up just where they left off with another great performance on their T-side, winning the map 16–6 in front of a packed Chinese crowd in the Jing’an Sports Center.

Inferno, the pick of TYLOO, was up next — and this proved to be an absolute nailbiter. The first half was a back and forth affair that ended in an 8–7 scoreline in favor of the Chinese side. In the second half, TYLOO looked excellent, with stunning individual plays coming out from the likes of Summer, BnTeT and somebody. The latter two were able to pull out some miraculous multi-kills on banana, and Summer was a rock with the AWP on the other side of the map. With a scoreline of 15–8, the win looked like a sure thing for TYLOO. However, mousesports were able to pull off one of the comebacks of the year in what really was some Hollywood type stuff. woxic kickstarted the comeback with a 1on3 clutch on the B-site and from that moment it was all about mousesports, as they were consistently able to find openings on the A site to set us up for a thrilling overtime scenario. The overtime did not disappoint, with clutch plays coming out of both ropz and somebody. Despite the best efforts of TYLOO, it was their weakness on the A site that proved to be the deciding factor, as mousesports were able to close out the map 19–17 to bring us to the decider map, Dust2.

Dust2 would turn out to be an absolute brawl, which ended with yet another 1on3 clutch by woxic on the B-site to clinch the win and deny TYLOO the chance of overtime. This series was fantastic from start to finish, and the individual skill on display was nothing but stellar from both sides and I can definitely recommend catching the VOD or the highlights of this one as it was one of the better games of the year.

Featured Player: woxic (mousesports)

Team: mousesports
K/D Ratio: 1.28
Headshot Percentage: 39.2%
Assists / Round: 0.09

There were a lot of candidates that I could have chosen to feature in this segment. The likes of ropz and frozen had a fantastic tournament and the latter really stepped it up for this one which I think really helped push mousesports over the edge at this tournament as opposed to prior events where he has not been as impactful. Some honorable mentions also go out to Summer and BnTeT on the side of TYLOO, who were both instrumental in TYLOO’s run at this tournament.

However, there is one name that stands out and it is woxic. The truth is that mousesports would not have won this event if it wasn’t for him. The Turk was able to pull mousesports out of the direst of situations. Against TYLOO, he both started and finished it, as he kickstarted the comeback on Inferno with his 1on3 clutch as well as ended it with yet another 1on3 clutch on Dust2.

woxic is revered as one of the best Dust2 AWPers in the game, and the stats speak for themselves. Have a look at these bonkers statistics that he put up across three maps against ENCE, TYLOO and AVANGAR:

  • 1.86 K/D ratio
  • 82 kills
  • 97.6 damage/round
  • 3 clutches won

Best Bet

The surprise of this tournament was TYLOO, who managed to make it all the way to the semi-finals where they went out to mousesports after a three map thriller. TYLOO could be had at odds of 6.50 at one point in their opening match against G2, which was the best value bet of the tournament.


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