CS:GO and LoL Tips - February 21st

A detailed breakdown of the initial matches of the DreamHack Open 2020 in Anaheim, and a betting round-up of the first round of LEC action from the upcoming weekend, which includes some potential upsets

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
21st Feb, 2020·☕️ 4 min read

Furia Esports v Endpoint

Furia Esports (1.23)

The all-Brazilian roster of Furia are a household name in professional CS:GO. They have been around for ages, beaten the world’s best and have put on offensive masterclasses. They are struggling a touch for consistency, which is why they dropped down the rankings a touch, to 21 in the world now. Endpoint, ranked 52, don’t quite have the depth in their roster to stay abreast with the quality of Kscerato and Yuurih, among several others.

ENCE v Gen.g Esports

ENCE (1.65)

ENCE is ranked just outside the top 10 of all CS:GO teams in the world. This is a serious mismatch, which makes these odds unfathomably high. That gives you an opportunity to capitalize on this best-of-one encounter. One of the reasons for ENCE’s high odds might be their form: they have lost four of their previous five games. Allu has been one of ENCE’s go-to options for quite a while now; that won’t change in this contest.

North v Forze

Forze (1.84)

North have been a steady CS:GO team for quite a while, but they might struggle to compete and challenge one of the forces of CS:GO in recent months, Forze. Such has been their prowess that Forze have climbed sharply to 13 in the world. Forze have won four of their last five matches. They also have a strong record in several maps, including Mirage (78% win rate over their last nine maps) and Inferno (85% win rate over their last 13 maps). This might prove pivotal in this fixture.

MIBR v Complexity Gaming

MIBR (2.14)

Yes, it’s true that MIBR have suffered quite a bit in their last few months of CS:GO action. However, they are still a proper team, capable of easing past some middling CS:GO teams. MIBR are better ranked, at No. 16 in the world, compared to Complexity’s No. 23 ranking. MIBR also own the head-to-head match-up, beating Complexity in two of two maps earlier this season (28-25 in Inferno and 16-7 in Mirage). Also, the odds for MIBR are much higher, which gives you a better payout.

Vitality v Schalke 04

Vitality (2.14)

Vitality are on one of the longest losing streaks in LoL history. They have lost their last 13 matches, including their previous eight games in this season. But the reason to back them is two-fold. One, Schalke are in terrible form as well, with just one win in their last 10 matches. Schalke have discernible problems of their own entering this round of LEC matches. Secondly, when two out-of-form teams are faced against each other, backing the one with the higher payout makes more sense.

Rogue v Fnatic

Fnatic (1.45)

Fnatic are one of the best LEC teams this season. They have enough class, confidence, skill and experience to stay consistent right through the season. In this particular matchup, Rogue might not be able stay abreast despite winning five of their last eight matches this season. Fnatic and Cloud9 are always teams to back during the group stages this season. In terms of form, Fnatic have won five of their last seven games.

Misfits v Mad Lions

Misfits (1.84)

Misfits have shown again why they are a real contender during this split to challenge as well as beat some of the best teams in the LEC. Misfits have won their last six games, displaying an offensive masterclass during the last weekend, with wins against Vitality and G2 Esports. Mad Lions have proved to be a rising, talented team, but it’s always more prudent to back the team with the better skillset and more experience because when games get tight, those are reliable characteristics.

Excel Esports v G2 Esports

G2 Esports (1.20)

G2 are coming off a terrible last weekend, losing both their games, to Schalke and Misfits. Prior to that round, they were unbeaten this split, winning their last six games. G2 are an LEC powerhouse, which means low odds of 1.20 are justified. It may be too low for a single, but not too shabby to mix in a double, plausibly with Fnatic. Back the two best LEC teams to recover from losses in their previous games.


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