CBLOL Summer 2020 Preview

January is the month when most of the League of Legends leagues are starting. CBLOL Summer 2020 is starting at the same time as the American LCS Spring 2020.

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21st Jan, 2020·☕️ 6 min read

January is the month when most of the League of Legends leagues are starting. CBLOL Summer 2020 is starting at the same time as the American LCS Spring 2020.

Competition Information

The “Campeonato Brasileiro de League of Legends” (CBLOL) is the premier competition between professional League of Legends teams in Brazil, and divided in two splits, Summer and Winter (or Stage 1 and Stage 2 - Primeira Etapa and Segunda Etapa in Portuguese, respectively). CBLOL is one of the longest LoL leagues, starting on January 25th and ending on May 2nd.

With the league’s winner earning a place at the Mid-Season Invitational in a few months’ time, fans will have the chance to watch their favourite teams battle it out through a ten-week regular season followed by playoffs. The CBLOL 2020 Split 1 starts the sixth year of the Brazilian professional League of Legends league in its current format.

Split 1 features 8 teams in a triple round robin over 10 weeks of play. The top 4 advance to the playoffs. What does that mean exactly? Basically, group stage is played in triple round robin format with all matches being best of 1 series. That means that all teams will play each other 3 times during the Summer season, not counting the playoffs. The top 4 teams after the regular season will advance to the playoffs and fight for the one Mid-Season Invitational 2020 spot. Those teams will go through single elimination best of 5 bracket. Only the winner of this split will get the MSI spot, while overall prize pool for the Summer split is 200,000 BRL. Winner will get 70,000 BRL. It’s interesting to mention that CBLOL is not franchised league, so it means 1 or 2 teams are demoted to the lower tier of Brazilian LoL - BRCC Winter. Team finishing last will get demoted instantly, while 7th team will play CBLOL Winter Promotion tournament, where they will fight to stay in the CBLOL for the next Winter split.

All matches across both the regular season and playoffs are played offline and are all streamed on Riot Games Brazil official twitch channel.

The Current Season

CBLOL Summer 2020 features 8 teams. Of course the teams are not the same as the last season, CBLOL Winter 2019. New teams in the competition are: Keyd Stars and Prodigy Esports. Those 2 teams replaced 2 teams from the last season - CNB e-Sports Club and Team oNe eSports. Teams that were demoted to lower tier of Brazilian League of Legends. Amongst other teams, there are no new names. Those teams are: Flamengo eSports, FURIA Uppercut, INTZ eSports, KaBuM! e-Sports, paiN Gaming and Redemption eSports Porto Alegre.

cblol winner

Flamengo, INTZ, KaBuM! And FURIA Uppercut are the teams that ended as the top 4 last season. Flamengo is entering the 2020 season with a completely new lineup. They managed to sign 8 new players in December last year and now they have 10 new players on their roster in total which includes 2 players for each position. It will be interesting to see who will manage to get in their main lineup for the opening CBLOL matches. Amongst all the Brazilians, they have 3 Korean players ready to put in the starting roster. Flamengo was the winner of the last season, and they qualified for Worlds 2019, but in the end they didn’t manage to get past the Play-In stage.

FURIA is one of the 3 teams that do not have any Korean players in the main lineup. The other 2 teams are newcomers in the CBLOL - Keyd Stars and Prodigy. FURIA Uppercut was called Uppercut eSports last season, but now they are wearing the name of their new organization. INTZ is featuring an all Brazilian main lineup and are one of the favourites for the top 4 this season. They’ve got new players in mid lane and ADC and it will be interesting to see if this will be the real upgrade for them or not. I am expecting a lot from them.

KaBuM! e-Sports is the team that ended in 3rd position in the last season. In the offseason they have managed to change their bot lane lineup and bring a completely new duo to the ADC and support positions - DudsTheBoy and Ceos. There were a lot of lineup rotations happening in the paiN gaming roster too. With 2 new Koreans in their main lineup in Jungle and Support positions they have come into this season with an upgraded roster. Most likely they will be one of the top contenders for that MSI 2020 spot.

Redemption eSports Porto Alegre are the only team that didn’t bring any new players to their roster after the CBLOL Winter 2019 season. They are staying true to their core players and are giving a chance to their deep 10 man Brazilian roster.

The last two teams are the newcomers to the league - Keyd Stars and Prodigy. Both teams changing from CBLOL to BRCC constantly during the previous seasons. It seems like they are too strong for BRCC, but they are missing something to survive in CBLOL more than 1 season. Prodigy won BRCC Winter 2019 and they qualified for the CBLOL Summer 2020 directly, without a need to play promotion matches. Can’t wait to see them in the CBLOL and what can they do and if they can surprise some of the big guns.

Betting Tips & Picks

According to the picklebet odds, here are the current favourites for CBLOL:

  1. PaiN Gaming @ 2.50
  2. INTZ @ 4.05
  3. Prodigy @ 7.20
  4. FURIA Uppercut @ 7.10
  5. Flamengo @ 9.10
  6. Keyd Stars @ 21.50
  7. KaBuM! @ 21.50
  8. Redemption @ 51.50

Even though Flamengo won CBLOL Winter 2019, they are not the favourites to win this Summer split. On the other side, PaiN Gaming gathered an amazing roster and are the main favourites to win this split. INTZ, like last season, are a highly ranked team and with 4.05 odds and they are a pretty good bet as the final champions.

cblol team

Interestingly enough, newcomers to CBLOL this season, Prodigy are 3rd favourite to win CBLOL Summer 2020. Odds are not favouring Flamengo this time, as I think they will barely fight for the top 4 positions. However, I do think Flamengo has a pretty good chance to finish top 4 at the end of this split and the odds on that are pretty good - 1.65.


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