Call of Duty Daily Betting Tips - May 23rd

The Call of Duty League returns after a fortnight with the Seattle Surge series this weekend. We take a look at some predictions from the first four matches of the series.

Nikhil Kalro
Freelance Esports Writer
23rd May, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Paris Legion v Chicago Huntsmen

Chicago Huntsmen (1.20)

Both these teams have had highly dissimilar seasons so far. Chicago have been one of the best teams in the Call of Duty League but have lost some ground. They are 12-4 for the season so far, putting them third in the league. Paris Legion have a middling 6-8 record to date. They come into this game on the back of two losses in the Florida Mutineers series (3-0 to Optic Gaming Los Angeles and 3-1 to Atlanta Faze). If the odds are too low for your liking, you could combine them in a multi bet.

London Royal Ravens v Los Angeles Guerrillas

London Royal Ravens (1.31)

One of the major reasons for backing London in this game is because of their opponent’s struggles right through the season. Los Angeles are currently last in the COD League with an underwhelming 2-9 season record. They have won just 14 of 44 maps, which is a win rate of below one in three. London Royal Ravens, on the other hand, have been quite solid. They have won 5 of 13 matches and 22 of 52 maps, with a win rate of 42.31%.

Minnesota Roekkr v Optic Gaming Los Angeles

Optic Gaming Los Angeles (2.12)

If there was one game in the first round in this series that was ripe for an upset, it’s this one. By upset, I mean the lesser-fancied team. Optic Gaming have not quite been at their best but have picked up some momentum and form as this season has progressed. They beat Paris Legion, London Royal Ravens and Toronto Ultra before taking a map off top-placed Atlanta Faze in the previous series. Minnesota were beaten in two of their last three matches, including a 3-1 defeat to Toronto.

Seattle Surge v New York Subliners

Seattle Surge (3.75)

This is more a punt than a prediction based on tangible factors. This is Seattle’s home series and they’d like to begin in sprightly form. Both New York Subliners and Seattle Surge have identical match records (4-10). Seattle Surge are placed one position higher because they have won one more game. Not a lot separates them so this high payout makes sense if you’re looking for a risky bet.


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