BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas - Review

Quincy Crew wins another trophy, at BTS Pro Series Season 3.

rand 1919
Freelance Esports Writer
25th Sep, 20·☕️ 3 min read

Quincy Crew has claimed its 7th important trophy of 2020 by winning the competition at BTS Pro Series Season 3. By now it’s clear that they truly have no rival in the Americas. The sad part is that we don’t know how strong this team is relative to other top competitors in the world, from regions like China and Europe. If we exclude this issue and just focus on North and South America, QC has achieved the same status that Team Secret achieved in Europe/CIS and is now practically unbeatable. In order for a rival to win a BO5 match against them, either a massive patch needs to be released or they need to stop training for at least a few weeks.

Quincy Crew’s Tournament Run

Quincy Crew started this tournament with an almost flawless Group Stage: 7 wins – 2 draws – 0 losses. They drew against beastcoast and Team Brasil. Everyone else did not present a real challenge. In the Playoffs, they faced Team Brasil one more time. This time, the Brazilians got demolished in 2 quick games. Only one hero remained the same in the 2nd draft: Mirana. QC is known to rely heavily on this hero and several others, and Team Brasil’s mistake of not banning it cost them the game. The second match of the Playoffs was even shorter: 2-0 against Infamous, in 26 and 27 minutes respectively. This was an absolute masterclass in effective Dota 2. I can’t tell if Infamous is just really bad or if Quincy Crew is really that strong, but the 3rd best team in the Group Stage looked like a complete amateur against Quinn’s crew.

And finally, we had the Grand Final. This was the only challenging match for Quincy Crew at BTS Pro Series Season 3. First they lost game 1, which was a bit surprising. Then they managed to win in game two, in the same amount of time it took CR4ZY to win game one, plus one second: 40:06. Game three was the one that decided everything. Because after 86 minutes of trying to win, Quincy Crew finally closed the game and CR4ZY had nothing left in the tank for games 4 and 5. Their fatigue made them pick a conveniently simple lineup in game 4, but QC read their strategy and countered it well. The game was over in under 30 minutes.

The Conclusion

It’s pretty clear now that Quincy Crew is to America as Team Secret is to Europe, and it doesn’t look like anyone can challenge their place as the region’s finest. With that win, Quincy Crew cap off another tournament victory, bringing their tally to six tournament wins in the Americas region since May. Granted that it is a big fish in a small pond scenario, especially given that Evil Geniuses were either playing with a makeshift roster or weren’t playing at all, but it is an impressive achievement nonetheless. Once global tournaments resume, it will be interesting to see if Quincy Crew can take their good form on the road against the big teams from the other regions. For their efforts, they bring home $21,000 in prize money and more momentum to work with in this era of online-only events.

BTS Pro Series Season 3: Americas Top 4Final Rankings

  • 1st Quincy Crew - $21,000
  • 2nd CR4ZY - $11,000
  • 3rd Infamous - $6,500
  • 4th Thunder Predator - $4,500