BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen Review

FaZe ends the BLAST Pro Series circuit with a win in Copenhagen

Valentin Gustafsson
Freelance Esports Writer
7th Nov, 2019·☕️ 7 min read

FaZe ends the BLAST Pro Series circuit with a win in Copenhagen. The result puts them at first place in the standings, which means that they have the first seed in the global finals in December. Read on as we break down BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen.

Tournament Winner: FaZe

Record: 6 / 0 / 1
Most Played Map: Inferno (66.7%)
Best Map: Dust2/Nuke (100%)
Worst Map: Inferno (66.7%)

FaZe defeated NiP in Copenhagen to claim their second BLAST trophy of the year. FaZe started day one off with a bang, defeating pre-tournament favorites Astralis 16–2 on Inferno. The man of the match was definitely olofmeister, who looked excellent on the AWP for FaZe — a role that the Swede has picked up after GuardiaN’s departure back in September.

In the second round, FaZe went up against another giant of Counter-Strike; Natus Vincere. The map was Nuke, a map that we have seen this new FaZe side play surprisingly often as of late. NaVi started off strong, winning five straight rounds on their CT side thanks to individual brilliance from flamie — a player who has looked fantastic for his team in recent times. However, it was all FaZe from there on as they managed to pick up eight rounds on their T-side to win the half with a scoreline of 8–7. NaVi tied the score after winning the pistol in the second half, but the remainder of the half turned out to be a one-sided affair. FaZe went on a seven-round win streak and eventually closed out the map 16–8.

The win against NaVi likely meant that FaZe would secure a spot in the finals with a win against NiP — another team that had opened up strong with wins against Astralis and Cloud9. This turned out to be another mauling from FaZe, as NiP had no answer for FaZe’s T-side. This was the NiKo show from start to finish as he ended the first half with 16 frags and 7 deaths. The Bosniak continued to show brilliance in the second with some incredible scout play to turn the economy back in FaZe’s favor after losing the pistol round. A triple kill from rain would seal the deal as FaZe closed out the map 16–3.

The win put FaZe in a dominant position in the standings with three wins and the best round difference by a large margin. FaZe went on to defeat Cloud9 before losing to Team Liquid in a match that had no impact on their position in the standings.

The Swedish side NiP awaited in the finals. Initially, it looked like the Swedes would start off the series with a win on Nuke — but FaZe mounted a miraculous comeback to eventually win the map after overtime. The second map would be Dust2, a map that FaZe dominated NiP on earlier in the tournament. This wouldn’t be quite as one-sided, but it was clear that FaZe were the better side as they eventually closed out the map 16–2 to win their second BLAST trophy of the year.

Featured Match: Team Liquid vs NaVi (Group-Stage)

There were a ton of one-sided matches in this tournament, but one that lived up to the expectations was Team Liquid’s group stage match against NaVi on Dust2. With so many incredible players on these two teams, everyone expected fireworks and we got just that. On the side of Liquid, we saw some excellent performances from EliGE and Twistzz in particular. However, this match was all about electronic if NaVi, who had one of the most dominant individual performances we have seen all year. electronic ended the series with a mindblowing ADR of 143, with 38 kills and 22 deaths for a K/D differential of +16. The Russian was absolutely instrumental in earning NaVi the win. His triple and double kill in the last two rounds of the game proved to be the deciding factors that ultimately earned NaVi the win 16–14.

Featured Player: NiKo (FaZe)

Team: FaZe
K/D Ratio: 1.35
Headshot Percentage: 47.3%
Assists / Round: 0.18

NiKo used to be regarded as one of the world’s absolute best players, but since picking up the in-game leader role for the team his numbers have taken a drastic hit. For that reason, it was refreshing to see NiKo return to his former self in this tournament. His numbers were nothing short of excellent, as he led his team in Kills (148), K/D Ratio (1.35) and Damage/Round (92.8). Most importantly, NiKo often came up trumps when his team needed him the most. His perhaps most impressive performance came in a force buy scenario against NiP, where he was able to completely turn the tides with a 4k with the scout.

Best Bet

Those who read my preview for the event might just have cashed in big-time this week, as I tipped both finalists at odds of 18.0 and 30.0 (9.0 and 15.0 to make finals). BLAST sets up very well for underdogs, and we saw some big upsets straight out of the gate as FaZe and NiP defeated giants Astralis on day one. Both these matches paid out at odds of 4.30, but the big money was of course in the outright markets, where a FaZe win opened at odds of 18.0 and NiP could be had at odds of 15.0 to make finals at one point.


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