All-Stars 2020 Review

As the 2020 League of Legends season drew to a close, the annual All-Star event once again capped off the year with light-hearted tournaments featuring fan favourite players, veterans and influencers.

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24th Dec, 20·☕️ 4 min read

Underdog Uprising

Across the three days of play, a number of tournaments and series were held. This started with Underdog Uprising, where emerging regions’ All-Star voted teams had the chance to prove themselves against their major region neighbours.



  • Won vs PCS
  • Lost vs OPL LPL
  • Lost vs LJL
  • Lost vs VCS LEC
  • Won vs TCL
  • Lost vs LCL LCS
  • Won vs CBLOL
  • Lost vs LLA

Red Bull 1v1 Competition

Next up was the regional Red Bull 1v1 Competitions which were held separately in each of the four major regions and featured a mixture of pro players, retired veterans and influencers. Slight rule changes meant that the 100 minion win condition was no longer present and the game instead went to a Nexus Blitz-style battle royale where a circle of flames would slowly close in around the players until either of them perished.


Final matchups:

  • LCK - Deft 2-1 BeryL
  • LPL - YuxiaoC 2-0 Karsa
  • LEC - Bwipo 2-0 NoWay
  • LCS - Licorice 2-0 Hai

Superstar Showdown

Finally, Superstar Showdown put the top neighbouring regions against each other in a best-of-1 match between ex-pros followed by influencers, then finished up by a best-of-three between the All-Star lineups.


  • LCK Queue Kings 1-0 LPL Queue Kings
  • LPL Legends 1-0 LCK Legends
  • LCK All-Stars 3-0 LPL All-Stars


  • LCS Queue Kings 1-0 LEC Queue Kings
  • LEC Legends 1-0 LCS Legends
  • Team Bwipo 3-0 Team CoreJJ

Featured Match - Team Bwipo vs Team CoreJJ (Game 3)

For a different take on the usual region vs region matches that occur at every iteration of All-Stars, this instance instead saw the LEC and LCS All-Start lineups mixed as both Bwipo and CoreJJ were tasked with drafting their ideal teams from the ten players voted in by fans.

featured mat

Bwipo kept together the Fnatic core with Selfmade and Hylissang, while also picking up former teammate Broxah and Team Liquid bot laner Tactical. Their opponents Team CoreJJ saw the Korean joined by Licorice, Humanoid, Jensen and Hans Sama.

Games 1 and 2 were respectively played Nemesis Draft and Nexus Blitz games, both going the way of Team Bwipo, before game 3 was to be played out in a ‘normal’ Summoner’s Rift match. However, rather than drafting in a usual manner, the players instead chose to only play assassin champions and the aftermath turned out exactly as expected.

First blood at 1:12 was followed up by a subsequent teamfight which saw six further kills during an entire minute of battle. This pace did not slow down, with an average of almost four kills per minute (i.e. a kill every 15 seconds) as a total of 130 kills were secured before Team Bwipo took down the nexus in the 33rd minute.

Featured Player - Bwipo


Coming out on top of both the 1v1 tournament and Superstar Showdown, Fnatic’s Bwipo will surely be pleased with his showing despite the light-hearted nature of the tournament.

Always a player to back himself, Bwipo seems to enter any match as the favourite in his own eyes and his confidence showed even during this event; winning the 1v1 competition with relative ease before drafting the ultimate LEC/LCS hybrid roster to beat a highly skilled captain in Team Liquid’s CoreJJ

Best Bet - LPL to lose both Underdog Uprising matches

Few would’ve tipped China’s LPL to drop a game against either Japan’s LJL or Vietnam’s VCS, and even less would’ve expected them to lose both.

A combination of (understandably) relaxed play from the LPL All-Star roster as well as the determination from the Japanese and Vietnamese representatives to prove themselves against the game’s top region saw both matches go in a completely unexpected direction.

The LPL did go ahead in their first match against the LJL, picking up a 5k gold lead at around 15 minutes. However, the Japanese fan-favoutires fought their way back to eventually take the game at 33 minutes with a minor gold lead.

Vietnam’s shot against China was much more convincing as the VCS held and grew a steady lead throughout the 25 minute affair, eventually destroying the nexus with a 13k lead.


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