All-Star 2019 - Preview

Drawing the 2019 season to a close, All-Stars heads once again to Las Vegas as the game’s most popular pros and personalities will see out the year with a series of fun tournaments featuring some of the game’s alternate modes.

Lee "Couple Sodi Pops" Jones
Freelance Esports Writer
5th Dec, 2019·☕️ 3 min read

Taking place in Las Vegas’ HyperX Esports Arena for the second time in a row, the event will span across three days starting on Thursday 5th and finishing Saturday 7th December. 64 players, including professionals, Riot invitees, League partners and TFT personalities will feature in a multitude of fun game modes and tournaments, including the ever anticipated 1v1 tournament.

1v1 Tournament

With past winners including Bjergsen, Uzi and Caps, the annual 1v1 tournament is perhaps the most fiercely contested part of the annual All-Stars event and will no doubt be fiercely contested on this occasion. 2-time winner Uzi will look to take his crown back from G2’s mid-laner Caps who clinched the title in 2018, while other lauded mechanical players such as Faker, TheShy and Mikyx will also be looking to add their names to the small-yet-prestigious list of previous winners.

TFT Charity Tournament

Riot’s new hit game mode, Teamfight Tactics, will be featured among All-Stars for the first time and will include its own charity tournament played out by both LoL pros as well as popular streamers.

Players will be paired up in duos, each with one designated as a ‘Little’ and the other a ‘Legend’. Two tournaments will then run side by side, one for Littles and one for Legends, with the performance of each player gaining points for their respective duos who will compete for their favourite charities.


As always, All-Stars will also feature a variety of showmatches, teaming up players from various regions in a number of different game modes:

  • Tandem - 20 players controlling only 10 champions, with each champion controlled by a pair with one player handling the keyboard and the other in control of the mouse.
  • Assassins - regular 5v5 Summoner’s Rift, however only assassin champions are allowed to be picked.
  • URF (Ultra Rapid Fire) - Riot’s fan-favourite game mode, whereby all ability cooldowns are slashed and skillshots are plenty.
  • Regional Rivalry - Two matches pitting rival regions in a head-to-head match, including China vs Korea and North America vs Europe.

Sodi Pops’ Pick - TheShy to win the 1v1 Tournament


Choosing a likely winner of the 1v1 tournament is a tough task. In a format where teamplay and coordination have zero impact, only the players with the greatest raw mechanical skill will thrive and this is shown perfectly by the previous winners (including two-time winner Uzi who is arguably one of the best mechanical players to ever enter the Rift).

For my winner, I’ve chosen Invictus Gaming top-laner TheShy. Having proved to be one of the world’s most fierce laners over the last two years, he made light work of up and comer Nuguri who was tipped to knock TheShy off of his top-lane throne at this year’s World Championship.

Other than TheShy, other likely winners include his teammate Rookie, SKT’s Faker, G2’s Caps and RNG’s Uzi.


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